Two friends in a park

Make New Friends

  • Dad's Friend's Kids

    Dad's Friend's Kids
    My dad's friend and his kids came over before the hockey game and I took them around False Creek. We went down to Grandvill Island and the waterfall. We also went to the school park. I don't normally hang out with them because, honestly I don't really like them, but I did that day.
  • Period: to

    Hanging out with Different People

  • Nina and Johanna's Friend

    Nina and Johanna's Friend
    On this day I was hanging out with Nina and Johanna and then their friend, Tessa came over. It was the second or third time I met her. We had lots of fun together! We went to 7-11 to get a slurpie and then cam back to Nina and Johanna's house and played the game, Therapy. It's a board game.
  • Grandfather's Friend's Granddaughter

    Grandfather's Friend's Granddaughter
    This day it was my grandfather's birthday. He had a party at the beach and had lots of friends over. Some of his friends had granddaughters. Myself and this girl played on the beach together with her dog. I had never met her before.
  • Friends from School

    Friends from School
    On this weekend I went to the mall with Dana and Maya, some people from school that I haven't hung out with for a while. We got some cute clothes from H & M and Hollister. We also got a drink for starbucks. Then we took the sky train back home.
  • Maya and Meika

    Maya and Meika
    Maya, Meika, and I went to Grandvill Island to get some stuff for the party. We got some decorations and a prize for the winner of a game we were going to play.
  • Maya's Birthday Party

    Maya's Birthday Party
    This was the day of Maya's birthday party! Almost all of the people at her party were not my friends. Even though I wasn't friends with them we still talked together and had lots of fun!
  • Godsisters

    This weekend I hung out with my godsisters. They are twins and are only 11 but it was still nice to hang out with them. I haven't seen them in a really long time so it was really nice to spend the day together. We went to kits pool and even though it was freezing we still swam. Then after that we got a hot chocolate and had dinner together.