Major events in the Middle East from 1917

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  • Balfour Declaration

    With the rise of Zionism, the movement for a Jewish Holy Land in Palestine, the Balfour Declaration favored the establishment of a National Home for the Jewish People in Palestine.
  • Britain Recieves Mandate over Palestine.

    Britain is given power to rule over Palestine by the League of Nations.
  • Mass Migration

    By 1938 over 500,000 Jews had migrated to Palestine. Cities were erected and modern technology was brought to the area.
  • Opposition

    Opposition to Jewish migration arose from Arab nations, these nations desired control over Palestine, feared a "western" way of life, and loss of tradition. In order to appease the Arabs, Britain limited migration, conflict arose as this was in violation of the Balfour Declaration.
  • Mass Genocide

    During world war II more than 6 million Jews had been murdered by Hitler and his Nazi's. After the war many Jews sought safety in Palestine but where locked out as a result of Britain's restrictions, these actions were condemned by the United States.
  • Arab League

    The Arab league, founded in 1945, is a movement seeking to unify Arab policy of world issues, and the opposition of Isreal.
  • Britain Relinquishes Power Over Palestine.

    Under pressure Britain turned rule of Palestine to the United Nations. The United Nations decided to divide Palestine into seperate Arabian and Jewish states.
  • Isreal Proclaims Independence

    Now a land free of British rule, Isreal proclaims its independence and becomes the first Democratic State int he Middle East.
  • Isreali attacked

    Arabia upset with the establishment of a Jewish nation, attacked Isreal, Arabia though superior in forces was driven back, aggrements of temporary peace where established.
  • OPEC

    A group of 6 non Arab and 7 arab countries whos purpose is to increase its member's oil revenues.
  • Arab Isreal War

    Egypt launches a suprise attack on Isreal during during the sacred holiday of Yom Kippur, Isreal quickly mobilized troops and fended off the invasion. The UN called for a cease fire.
  • Oil Embargo

    OPEC used thepower of oil to increase profits signifigantly and cut off exports to the United States in order to gain support towards the Arabian countrys. The U.S. did so and the limit was removed.
  • Lebanon civil war

    Lebanon broke into a civil war between many miltia factions. Divided over religion, people attacked one another until the conflict was resolved in 1990.
  • Syria Intervention

    Under Arabian League mandate Syria sent 15,000 troops to Lebanon to enforce a cease fire.

    The United States sells 8.5 billion dollars in military equipment to Saudi Arabia. Ronald Reagan argued that Saudi Arabia was an ally against Soviet Russia.
  • Intifadah

    Palestinians begin a rebellious uprising against Isreal's opposers. This creates even more tnesion between Jews and Arabs living in Isreal.
  • Peace Between Isreal and Jordan

    Jordan becomes the second Arabian country to make peace with Isreal to end the war.
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    Major events in the Middle East from 1917