Lumbee Timeline

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In History
  • Cheraws

    CherawPre 1700 to 1703 Cheraws are documented as living on or near the Dan River in two settlements near the state border of southwest Virginia.
  • Intertribal Warfare

    1711-1712 Cheraws participated in alliance of tribes engaged in intertribal warfare against Tuscarora in war in northeastern NC. Tuscaroras were defeated mostly by Indian allies of European colonists. Thousands of Tuscaroras were killed or enslaved.
  • Herbert Map

    Herbert Map
    1725 Herbert Map was completed that shows the Wacoma (Waccamaw) tribe on Drowning Creek (Lumbee River), NC.
  • 1790 Census

    1790 Census
    1790 Census1790 Locklears, Chavises, Oxendines, Hammonds, Brooks, Cumbos, Revels, Carters, and Kerseys (people with predominant Lumbee surnames) are listed on the 1790 Census of Robeson County as "All other free persons".
  • NC State Constitution

    1835 1835 NC State Constitution was amended to disenfranchise Indians along with Blacks; Indians lose important citizenship rights.
  • Henry Berry Lowrie

    Henry Berry Lowrie
    1864-1874 Henry Berry Lowrie, legendary Lumbee outlaw/folk hero, led guerilla war against violent and oppressive Confederate officials, and later, US Military officials.
  • NC General Assembly

    1885 NC General Assembly recognized the Indians of Robeson County as Croatan and established a separate school system for Indians.
  • Croatan Indian Normal School

    Croatan Indian Normal School
    1887 Indian leaders and NC General Assembly established a Croatan Indian Normal School, which eventually grew to becomes the University of NC at Pembroke.
  • US House Committee on Indian Affairs

    1900 Congressman Bellamy spoke before the US House Committee on Indian Affairs and reported on origins, history, and needs of the Croatan (Lumbee).
  • Changed name to- Indians of Robeson County

    1911 NC General Assembly changed name of tribe to "Indians of Robeson County" (Lumbee).
  • US Bureau of Indain Affairs

    US Bureau of Indain Affairs
    US Bureau of Indian Affairs1919 O.M. McPherson, Special Indian agent with the US Bureau of Indian Affairs, visits Robeson County to study Lumbee.
  • NC General Assembly changed name- Lumbee

    1953 NC General Assembly changed name of Indians of Robeson County to "Lumbee".
  • KKK Maxton, NC

    KKK Maxton, NC
    1958 After the Klan threatened Lumbee tribal members, Lumbee Indians used force of arms to route Ku Klux Klan in confrontation near Maxton, NC. The Lumbee tribe received national and international news media attention for its defense of its community against outside "hate groups."
  • LRDA

    LRDA1968 Lumbee Regional Development Association (LRDA) organized to improve quality of life for Indian people in Robeson, Hoke, and Scotland counties.
  • National Congress Of American Indians

    National Congress Of American Indians
    National Congress American Indians1971 - Present Leaders of LRDA joined and represented the Lumbee tribe in the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest, largest, and most respected Indian organization in the United States.
  • Bill to amend

    Lumbee Act of 19561974 Bill introduced in US Congress to amend Lumbee Act of 1956 to provide full federal recognition to Lumbee Tribe.
  • 1988 Bill

    1988 Bill introduced in US Senate and House of Representatives for recognition of the Lumbee.
  • 1991 Bill

    1991 Bill introduced in US Congress for recognition of the Lumbee Tribe. Bill passed in House of Representatives, but died in Senate.
  • Lumbee Tribal Council

    Lumbee Tribal Council
    Lumbee Tribal Council2001 Lumbee elect first Lumbee Tribal Council. For more information about the Tribal Council
  • Period: to

    Lumbee Tribe of NC