Lord of the Flies

By SamRobN
  • Chapt.1 Location1- 218

    This far into the book is mainly about what the setting is, and so far the setting is on an island.The book is looking at the story about boys stranded on it with no adults and this far in there are only two characters Ralph and Piggy who at this point r exploring the island and looking for others.
  • Chapter 1 & 2 loc.218-884

    There have been many things to come sccince the last entry. Ralph and Piggy have found a way to gather all the other children on the island with a conch shell. they then discoverd new kids and the choir leader jack who thinks he is better and acts thhat way. Other characters have stood out to and they are Simon(part of the choir) and Roger he is one who says that there is a beast like snake on the island that tryed to eat him but Ralph the newly founded leader is not taking that as an option.
  • chapter 2 loc, 884- 967

    In this part of chapter two the boys have come to the idea to make a fire to signal for help but they don't see any ships. they go on any way and Piggy trys to stop them but he is no longer given any consideration on any thing, even Ralph no longer pays atention to him and doesn't give him any respect even though his ideas are the most cunning and the most resonable in their situation. this fire did not go as planed and there was more flame thane smoke. Now they have a fire but not a good plan.
  • Chapter 2 - 4 loc. 967- 1503

    In this part of the book there has been a lot. the boys are still trying to get their priorties strait. Jack is looking for meat while ralph, simon, and piggy are on the beach making shelters when they see over the ocean smoke all they can do is stare but they then find out that their fire was not burning as it should be. so when Jack comes back and gets the news he is ashamed and takes it out on piggy.
  • chapter 5 loc.1503- 2023

    I this chapter it is all about a meating the ralph is calling to tell them what is what or what to do when. this causes stress for them and raises the idea of a beast again. so they argue about there being a beast on the island. but some think that the beast is inside them coming out without filter.
  • Chapter 5-7 loc. 2023- 2514

    Threw these chapters there are more arguments between Jack and Piggy, There were more discutions about the rescue fire and that is all Ralph cares about. The boys are get nervouse about a really beast when two of the boys actually see the beast. so the hunters and Ralph go out following Jack to hunt the beast on the otherside of the island. They discover a place that looks and acts like a fortress. The boys then start to head back to the platform when they diside to check the fire,
  • Chapter 5-7 loc. 2023- 2514 continue

    The fire is were the beast was first spotted and this is the first time they have been up there. when they get up there Jack starts crawling up to make shure it is safe and when he gets back he shows Ralph what he saw, and they discover the beast which is an ape like creatue.
  • Chapter 7-9 loc. 2514- 3447

    In these chapters Jack and Ralph see the situation with the beast differently. Jack thinks things should be ran differently so he leves and takes all of his hunters. Jack dicides it is to dangerous to have the fire up on the mountain so he dicides to keep it on the platform so they can keep it going close by.
  • Chapter 9- 10 loc. 3447 - 3774

    This part of the book has a first on the island. With the fear of the beast and the confusion of a spliting group the boys killed Simon( one how became a good friend to ralph). this confution came when Ralph tryed to get some of his tribe back from Jack durring a storm and Jacks group started there chant, " kill the beast! cut his throat! spill his blood! do him in!". when they were doing this simon was trying to make his way back after finding a dead man atached to a parachute.
  • Chapter 9- 10 loc. 3447 - 3774 continue

    They did understand him in the confution of him being the beast. All they herd was a man at the top of the mountain. Only Ralph herd him. Afterward Jacks tribe moved to the fortress type rock and are learning that Jack is run a dictatorship.
  • Chapter 10-11 loc. 3774 -4156

    This is about Jack and his new savages. they are hunting and are well protected at their new spot but there is one thing they dont have and that is fire. They know how to get it and that is from the others. But that is bad news for piigy because he has the only thing that can start the fire which are his glasses. Jack and his tribe rade the others and take piggys glasses so Piggy becomes completely blind on the island.
  • Chapter 11- 12/end loc. 4156- 4801

    From the begining of the book there was one thing every one knew and that was the conchshell that brought them together. In this part of the book Sam and Eric( the twins) go to jacks tribe. Piggy and Ralph go to the other tribe to get hid tribe back but it goes all wrong. The conch is distroyed and Piggy is hit by a rock and falls off the cliff on the other side of the Fortress. Ralph not only looses a great symbol on the island but he loses his best friend there.
  • Chapter 11- 12/end loc. 4156- 4801 Continue

    Later in this part Jack sets the whole island on fire. Ralph is being hunted by Jack and his tribe. Ralph manages to survive and they finally get rescued by a naval ship after the island burnt down.