Lois Taylor G321 production log

  • poker scene

    our Preliminary project. in our project we have to film a poker scene which must contain at least 2 lines of speach and 18 or more shots
  • filming our poker scene

    we have started filming our poker scene.
  • editing our poker scene

    we started to edit our poker scene by putting in music, transitions and deleting unwanted clips
  • edublog

    we have uploaded our Preliminary project on edublogs and evaluated the project overall
  • weebly

    i set up a weebly which is a site where i can uploaded everything on my horror cousework
  • spicynodes. what is horror

    i created a mindmap on what i believe horror is and than i uploaded it on my weebly
  • mooded board

    i have created a mood board full of things that i would want to show in my horror film like the setting, characters ect
  • wallwisher

    wall wisher is a website inwhich i used to add my ideas of what i want to do in my horror production. i worte down ideas such as target audience, ideas for my synopsis ect
  • Analysis of horror company logo

    i looked at other horror companys logos and Analysed them, making note of how it adheres to the typical horror genre or how it subverts to the typicalhorror genre
  • design my own production logo

    with help from the Analysis of the other production logos. i designed my own called "grave stone"
  • Analysis of synopsis

    i looked at examples of other horror synopsis and analysised them. for example the name of the directers, actors and actress was shown in the synopsis.
  • 3x Title sequence analysis

    i looked at the title sequences of 3 horror films and i analysised them saying how the text, images, sound adhere or subvert to the typical horror genre
  • Font Analysis

    i looked at the different text used in horror and analysied them stating what the conote and denote. i also created some of my own text
  • Initial ideas title sequence

    i did a power point of what i want my title sequence to show, the images, text sounds ect
  • Franchise analysis

    i looked at the saw franchise like the time line of when saw movies was relesed, when the games was released and when the saw rides was open
  • Roland Barthes Analysis of opening Sequence

    we looked at roland barthes and his theroies of the opening sequence. we also applyed his theroies to 3 horror opening sequences
  • opening sequence storyboard

    i created my storyboard for my opening sequence