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Little Billy's Service Learning Plan Experience

  • Lesson

    Learned about Latino immigration and its effects on American society
  • Reflection post

    Turned in my reflection post on the class blog
  • Heard from expert

    We heard from another expert from the St. Francis House. I can't wait until we get to make sandwiches for the migrant workers!
  • Heard from expert

    We heard from an expert on Latino immigration today. I learned quite a bit!
  • Monday - made burritos

    We made burritos for the migrant workers today! A lady from the St. Francis House came and got them. I really felt like I helped out. Tonight I wrote another reflection post based on another article.
  • Made tacos

    Today we made tacos for the migrant workers! It was so much fun.
  • Used Google Earth

    Today we used Google Earth as a class to see the fields that the migrant workers work in. It looks like really hard work. I wrote a reflection post about it tonight. I feel bad that they do so much work for so little play.
  • Made burritos again

    We made burritos again for the migrant workers. This is the last time we are making food for them, but I had a lot of fun doing it! I am writing my last reflection post tonight on our class blog.
  • Wrote policy paper

    I wanted to get a head start on our policy paper, so I went ahead and wrote it tonight. Mr. Fortner said he would look over it for me before we submit it to our congressman.
  • Letter to congressman

    Today we submitted our letters to our congressman. I am so happy that we were able to do all of this. I really felt like I made an impact over the last few weeks!