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Literacy Timeline

  • Private Catholic School

    Private Catholic School
    When I was here, I was the only student who wasn't affluent or came from a prestigious background. It was pretty hard fitting in.
  • Period: to

    St. Anthony's School

    Went to a private Catholic school in Fresno,CA from grades K-8.
  • Lousy Friends

    Lousy Friends
    Surrounded myself with bad friends and people who didn't make me feel any better about myself or my individuality.
  • Goes to public high school

    Goes to public high school
    Change of scenery, friends, and schools. Everything was finally better here as I realized the school system that everyone is afraid of is actually very inviting and receptive.
  • Period: to

    Clovis West High School

    Went to a public high school for grades 9-12
  • Wrong Crowd

    Wrong Crowd
    Got involved with the wrong crowd and ended up being really rebellious and stupid when I was in high school. Got in trouble with school, friends, family, and the law.
  • Fell in LOVE

    Fell in LOVE
    When all my troubles were coming to a peak, I found a girl and not only a girl, but a girl who took me for me and ended up being the one person who saved me from going down a horrible and not rewarding path.
  • UC Irvine

    UC Irvine
    Luckily got in and went to college and had to move away from my friends, family, and girlfriend to make a better person of myself.
  • Period: to

    Undergraduate University

    Went to college at University of California, Irvine for 4 years!
  • Got involved in research

    Got involved in research
    Once in UCI, I got heavily, HEAVILY involved in scientific research studying learning and memory. This was something I was extremely talented at, but I found myself under constant pressure and under scrutiny every which way I turned so I had to defintiely choose another career path.
  • Family disappointment

    Family disappointment
    When I decided not to pursue my already established successes in medicine and scientific research, I had to deal with losing my family's respect, honor, and support. This was the lowest point in my life since I finally lost the people that I have put through so much and tolerated everything I got myself into.
  • Mr. D is born.

    Mr. D is born.
    When I finally decided to teach and pursue the field of education, I was rewarded by support through peers and colleagues as I was introduced to how satisfying the job can be when students respect and honor your curriculum and are excited to learn, but I have also seen the difficulties of this field and hope to overcome them as I come to age with wisdom.
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    Teaching Career