Lighting That Keg

  • Dual Alliance Is Formed

    Dual Alliance Is Formed
    After he was finished unifying his country, Bismarck turned his energies to maintaining peace in Europe. The only country that he saw as a threat was France, because they wanted revenge after losing the Franco-Prussian War. In order to protect themselves, they made an alliance with Austria-Hungary they would both protect eachother if harm were to come to either of them. Bismarck stressed that France poses no danger to Germany if it is without allies.
  • Dual Alliance is Formed (2)

    Dual Alliance is Formed (2)
    This was important because now France is going to begin to feel a little scared and powerless against two nations that could be against them if they do something. They are going to think twice about fighting anyone. They may also ask someone for help to fight against the germans or just to make themselves feel safe around their powerful enemies.
  • Germany Takes Allies From France

    In yet another attempt to keep france isolated, Germany allies with Russia. This and all of Germany's allies are actually the start of this world war. Four very powerful countries now are ready to oppose France as soon as it makes a move against Germany. This is important because Germany was successful in making France feel isolated and powerless, but they will take action.
  • Triple Alliance Is Formed

    Triple Alliance Is Formed
    Continuing the without allies they are powerless idea, three years after the dual alliance is formed, Italy allies with Germany and Austria Hungary. This creates the triple alliance. The triple alliance is three powerful countries that will not fight against eachother and will help eachother if countries declare was against them. At this point we know Germany and France don't like eachother, and France is most likely going to make its own alliance.
  • The Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II

    The Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm was a man who was incredibly full of himself, and he wanted desperately to show the rest of Europe how powerful Germany had become. He let his treaty with Russia lapse in 1890 and in responce Russia formed a defensive military alliance with France, an enemy of Germany. Now germany has given its one enemy France a very powerful ally. This could be bad in the long run.
  • Russia And France Join Forces

    Now allied after being abandoned by Germany these countries are ready to fight back against Germany. This is the problem that Bismarck had worried about, a war on both of the borders of Germany could be an extreme problem. This is important because now there are two forces in Europe that will fight each other if anything happens.
  • The Rise of Militarism

    Militarism is the patriotic act of keeping a large army ready for combat against anyone at all times. Slowly but surely all countries in Europe had armies ready for war by 1914, when World War I would begin. All of the countries in Europe would feel threated by the growing armies all around them and with tension so high, they would feel the need to build up their own armies. The tension will continue to rise with Militarism being in place.
  • The Rise of Militarism (2)

    This also gave countries a strong feeling of nationalism, because they had a strong powerful army that they could deploy at any time. They would feel very good about themselves, like they were powerful.
  • Conflicts Over Morocco

    In 1905 and again in 1911, Germany and France nearly fought over ho would control Morocco, in Northern Africa. Most of Europe supported France, so Germany backed Down.
    This event is significant because it shows how imperialism, expanding an empire by taking over weaker countries, led to intense competition and conflict between European countries.
  • Conflicts Over Morocco (2)

    Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. It was a thing used by most of Europe in the 19th and 20th century, and it is a force so powerful it can tear countries apart.
  • Britain Makes The Triple Entente (1)

    Wilhelm begins a massive ship building project in an attempt to make a navy that is of equal size to Britain. This scared Britain, so they formed the triple entente with france and Russia in order to have some allies against Germany and the countries already allied in Europe. An entente is a friendly understanding, and this triple entente ensured that Britain would not be fighting against France and Russia if anything happened.
  • Two Rival Powers In Europe

    At this point tensions were very high in Europe, if anyone get angry at another country then all of Europe would be in bloody war. Two alliances on both sides of the Continent, ready to take up arms against any who would declare war. This was important to the war, because it was almost a warzone, everyone was just waiting for someone to declare war.
  • Britain Makes The Triple Entente (2)

    This alliance was important to leading up to the war becasue now we see two rival camps on different sides of Europe. The triple alliance is composed of Germany, Italy, and Austria Hungary. On the other side we have Britain, France, and Russia allied together. If any of these countries waged war on each other, the allies would all jump in to help, and all of Europe would be in war.
  • Austria Annexes Bosnia And Herzegovina

    Nowhere in Europe was their more fighting and ethnic clashes than in the Balkans. They called it the powder keg because a gigantic war was most likely to start because of fighting in this area. There was lots of nationalism and ethnic groups desired to break off into their own countries.In 1908 of the annexation of Bosnia enraged the Serbian leaders, and tensions between Austria and Serbia began to slowly rise.
  • The Archduke Visits Sarajevo

    The archduke and his wife paid a visit to Sarajevo, and never knew that it would be their last. While there a Black Hand assassin, which is an organization wanting to free Bosnia of Austrian rule. This was important because now Austria is quite angry and wants revenge on Serbia for killing their duke.
  • Austria Makes Demands

    Now that the leader is dead, Austria wants some revenge on Serbia. A long list o fwhat they want is fgoing to be sent to them, and most of them need to be met or Serbia could start a war. This is important becase Serbia's reaction to these demands could determine wether there is a war or not.
  • Austria Rejects And Declares War

    Austria was not very happy about having to discuss, and on July 28, 1914 they declared war on Serbia. Russia, allies of Serbia began to send troops to Austria in an attack. Slowly the rest of Europe realized what is going on and everyone lept in to help their allies. The powderkeg blows up here and this is the start of the first world war.