Life Span and Development Psychology Timeline Project

  • Born

    I was born today, first child in the family, with 7.5 lbs and 20 inches.
  • The Play Year: Biosocial Event

    I took first step at my home. My mom took picture.
  • The Play years: Psychosocial Event

    My grandma took me to the play area. Where i started interacting with some other kids.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Event

    I utter my first word tonight infront of my family. The word was "Ma" means "Mother".
  • The Play Years: Biosocial Event

    I started riding tricycle without of my mom's help. I was so happy.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Event.

    I joined preschool (play group) on the starting date of school year,
  • The Play Year: Cognitive Development

    I asked my mom that i like blue color and denied wearing reddish pink shirt.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I went to fair with my grandpa and learned about the animals like cow, goat, chicken, rabbit.
  • The Play Years: Biosocial Development.

    My mom said, that was the day when i hold the ball and i showed my dad to hold bat and i threw ball at him. They have my picture with ball and bat.
  • The play years: Psychosocial Development

    This was the date, when i first time went to my cousin for sleep over away from my parents and grandparents.
  • The School Years: Cognitive Development

    This was the first day of my 1st grade. I was excited at the same time nervous as i had to change my school and i knew i will start having homework.
  • The School Year: Cognitive Development

    I learned multiplication in mathematics.
  • The School Years: Psychosocial Development

    This day my uncle got married. Our family invited hundreds of people in wedding. I stood beside my uncle and aunt on the wedding ceremony. This is first time i learned the family tradition and values.
  • The School Years: Biosocial Development

    I performed in the dance competition at my school. That was the first time i was on the stage infront of hundreds of people.
  • The School Year: Biosocial Development.

    Today i completed my second lesion of swimming. Now i could swim by myself without anybody's help.
  • Adolescence: Psychosocial Development.

    I started having an interest in girls. I wanted to have my own girl friend.
  • Adolescence: The Cognitive Development.

    My bought me a computer for me. I figured out myself to set it up and how to use it. I learned about the importance of computer in life.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial Development.

    I started learning car with my father. He taught me not on the technical side of car but also the basic irresponsibility towards others while driving car.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive Development

    I graduated from high school. Now i have to decide which field i have to choose to persue my career. I had to do cognitive thinking about my options, their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial development.

    I turned 18 and free to smoke. My friends tried to convinced me to smoke at least once. I denied it in such a way that they will not ask me to smoke again in future, and at the same time i would not loose my friends in that process. It was a diplomatic discussion and i succeed in it.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Development:

    I got married to the most beutiful women in the world. She is my school time sweet heart. I was the happiest man on the earth on that day. It was a royal ceremony with more than 2000 (two thousand) guests for blessings. What a day that was!!!!
  • Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    I graduated as a Physical Therapist. Now i had more resposibilities towards my family and towards my profession.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Development:

    Today is the second most important day of my life, as the most beautiful angle in the form of our daughter is born. It changed my personality completely. I rather we (my wife too) stopped being selfish, foolish and adventurous and wanted to settled down, with more responsibilities to raise family.
  • Adulthood: Biosocial Development

    I opened my first business venture in the form of outpatient therapy unit.
  • Adulthood: Biosocial Development

    First time i ever got admitted in the hospital. I had broken left arm after having a small accident. I had a small surgery to fix it. I realized that i have more responsiblities of my family and i have to be careful and healthy to live my life.
  • Adulthood: Cognitive Development.

    Today, i became the only 1108th Geriatric Specialist in the field of Physical Therapy in whole United States. I was honored by my employer and collegues.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

    My parents will be of retirement age. Now it is my turn to take care of them. I will bring them my home and take care of them as the way they did when i was a child.
  • Adulthood: Cognitive Development.

    With my masters degree in physical therapy and my wife's bachelor degree in nursing and our running business we make good living, Our children are ready to join college and we will be able to help it.
  • Adulthood: Biosocial Development.

    Now I and my wife had enough work and worry. We would be free from our jobs and would just concentrate on the business . We would use our experience and practical knowledge to make more money with less physical stress.
  • Late Adulthood: Psychosocial Development.

    Today i turned 65 years. Hopefully, have started recieving Medicare services (if it exists). I will get retired from work. And moved to my farm house somewhere in warmer place with my wife and enjoy my late adulthood.
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial Development.

    My hair would be grey, skin would be wrinkled, joints would have the arthritis, eye site would have been decreased. However, i would not stop playing ball. At that time i would be playing ball with my grand kids.
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    I am 80 years old. I just have started loosing my short term memory. I keep trying to avoid it by reading and solving puzzles. But i am unsuccessful.
  • Death

    Today is my 82nd birthday. My family is all around me. I suddenly get severe chest pain with breathlessness. My children are doctors and they recognizes that i have severe heart attack. I pray God and thanks for such a good life and family. And suddenly, i black out and after sometimes my soul is leaving my body.