Life Map

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    Pip's estimated time span within the book. [Very, very estimated]
  • Pip Meets Magwitch

    Pip first meets Magwitch, at that time known as 'the convict,' at the graveyard where Pip's parents have been buried. This is important to Pip's life because this is when Pip's later story begins to unfold, as Magwitch is later to be revealed as Pip's benefactor.
  • Pip Meets Estella and Miss Havisham

    Pip comes to the Satis House with Wopsle and is greeted, quite coldly, by Estella. Pip also comes face to face with Miss Havisham, who is a creepy and warped old lady who has a grudge against the male population.
  • Pip Becomes a Gentleman

    Pip meets Mr. Jaggers and learns that he has come to have great fortune. Now Pip has 'great expectations' of becoming a gentleman. He moves to London to start off his new life, leaving behind his past.
  • Love and Lost

    Pip and Estella are gradually getting closer to each other, and Pip is still stubbornly believing that they are meant to be together. He also tries to interfere between the relationship of Drummle and Estella, who he notices because Drummle is his bitter rival. Pip is then heartbroken by the fact that Estella and Drummle are to be married, and that he is not the one meant for Estella.
  • Pip and His Secret Benefactor

    On the stormy night of his 21st birthday, Pip comes home to find out that Magwitch, the convict who he had helped so long ago, was really his secret benefactor.
  • "The Great Escape"

    Pip and Herbert put to action their plan for sneaking Magwitch out of England, with Pip to accompany him. Their plans are thrown off when the police arrive, along with Compeyson. Compeyson and Magwitch end up in a fight and Compeyson is presumably dead.
  • Magwitch, Convicted and Dead

    Magwitch, after being arrested by the police, is now, once again, in jail, convicted. He is gravely injured, but is sitll put on the death penalty. Pip tries what he can to help the poor man, but to no avail. Magwitch dies, but his soul is lightened when Pip sheds him the news that his long-lost daughter is alive.
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    My 7 important events.
  • Living in Arizona

    Back during this time (around my birth~2001) I was living in Arizona, where my parents loved taking me to outings. We often went to several places, most of them rocky with long hikes. Apparently, I was an easily excitable child, and whenever we went to these places, I'd always climb on the rocks, learning at a young age how to hike up a mountain with parental supervision from a distance. It turned me into a girl who loves hiking and mountains.
  • Moved from Private School to Public School

    This is a great significance to me, as it marks my independence from my cousin, who I had done everything with. It also marks the time for me to become less sheltered as this was when I was beginning to mature. Compared to Pip's beginning, I feel this is what really jump-started my life.
  • First Time In Trouble

    Not too sure how long ago this was, actually. But I do remember that the first time I ever got in trouble (no idea for what, though), my dad was really pissed. It taught me that there are things in the world that I should fear and that if I followed the rules, nothing bad would happen to me.
  • Crunchyroll

    I joined a website forum named Basically it opened me more to the world (of computers and other people). it also bonded me with my friends more.
  • Drifting

    I can't really remember what the date was for this event, but it was quite a shock to me. I remember this was the time when my best friend at the time had become close friends with someone on Crunchyroll. As time passed, I realized that I could tell that I was moving away from my friends, becoming just barely noticably distant from them.
  • Oxford

    Getting into Oxford was a huge step for me. One, because it really put me out of the bubble I was so used to, and because, well, I didn't know anyone at first. But it was a good experience to get in because now I have a larger circle of friends and am having lots of fun here.
  • Winter Retreat

    This was a three-day weekend thing with my temple group. We went up to the mountains and basically was supposed to be a "bonding" trip. It was actually really fun, except for one night. During this time, we were talking about our new year goals, which somehow turned into a talk about some of our more personal problems. It let me see more into who the people around me are and helped me sneak a peek into what they're going through, or went though.