Life and Culture

By Jr19860
  • Music Was An Important Part Of LIfe

  • First Professional Team

    The first true professional team " The Cincinnati Red Stockings" was formed.
  • Growth of Public Schools

    Growth of Public Schools
    2% of all 17 year olds graduated from high school and an even lower percent didn't go to college.
  • Newspaper Circulation

    Between 1870-1900 newspaper circulation soared from 2.6 to 15.1 million copies a day.
  • Women And Girls Working Outside the Home

    Women And Girls Working Outside the Home
    Nearly two million women and girls, or one in every eight females over the age of 10, worked outside the home.
  • African American Religious Folk Songs

    One series of concerts helped make American music more inclusive by introducing African American religious folk songs called spirituals to white audiences.
  • Introduction of the Circus Train

    Introduction of the Circus Train
    The Circus train made the annual visit of the circus an anticipated event all over America.
  • Phonograph Was Invented

    The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison.
  • Ragtime Music Among Black Musicians

    Ragtime originated among black musicians in the South and Midwest in the 1880s.
  • African Americans were lynched

    An estimated 1,200 African Americans were lynched between 1882 and 1892
  • Ability For Blacks To Vote

    Southern states began using several tactics to deny the vote to blacks.
  • African American Women attending college

    Only 30 black women were studying in American colleges
  • American Negro Academy Was Founded

    Alexander Crummell founded the American Negro Academy, which promoted scholarly publications about African American culture and history.
  • The Vaudeville Theatre

    The Vaudeville Theatre
    Edwin Milton Royle said that the Vaudeville Theatre is an American invention and that it is like nothing else in the world. And the shows presented themselves as family entertainment.
  • Children had to attend school

    Laws were made that children ages 8 through 14 had to attend school.
  • African American colleges

    African American colleges
    More than 2,000 students graduated from 34 African American Colleges.
  • African Americans called for full civil liberties.

    Du Bois founded a group called Niagara Movement whichis a group of african americans that called for full civil liberties
  • Job Opportunities And Housing For Blacks

    The National Urban League was founded in 1911 which improved job opportunities and housing for blacks.
  • The NAACP Magazines

    The NAACP Magazines
    The NAACP had 50 branches and 6,000 members and its magazine, Crisis, edited by Du Bois, reached more than 30,000 readers.
  • American Homes And Electricity

    Only one quarter of American homes had electricity, and the development of electric appliances had a limited effect on the average American home.