Libertarian Party

  • Founded

    When the libertarian party was first started and it was held in the home of David Nolan in Westminster,Colorado
  • first convention

    The first libertarian convention was held and the main concerns were the vietman war,conscription, and the end of gold standard
  • State legislature

    Dick Randolph became the first elected Libertarian state legislature.
  • Tonie Nathan

    Tonie Nathan ran for vice president and was the first female canidate to win an electoral vote.
  • John Hospers

    John Hospers became the first libertarian president.
  • federal elections

    The Libertarian party became the third largest party.
  • The Rev

    The Rev. Dr. James. W. Clifton made history in Michigan by becoming the first libertarian to win office in a partisan contest for city council in addison.
  • dues

    people had to pay their dues and it was 25 dollars.
  • Carla and Michael

    Carla Howell and Michael Cloud performed stongly in statewide races and recieved a party record-setting of 11.9% and 18.4%.
  • Steve Vaillancourt

    The most recent libertarian canidate elected to be state legislature to the New Hamphshire house of Representatives was Steve Vaillancourt.
  • libertarians

    in the 2002 elections 599 libertarians appointed local and state offices.
  • no dues

    In may 31st, 2006 the dues fee was set to 0 dollars but then it was brought back to 25 dollars.
  • Democratic lack

    In Indianas 2006 U.S. senate race Steve Osborn recieved 12.6% of the votes because their was a lack of democratic canidate.
  • members

    It was reported that 15,505 members of the libertarian party were donating money.
  • ballots

    The libertarian party gained access in 45 states including the District of Columbia.
  • John Monds

    John Monds became the first libertarian in history to garner 1,076,736 votes. (33.4%)
  • office

    Since January 2010 143 libertarians nationwide hold elected offices and 31 hold partisan offices
  • votes

    In october 2010 the libertarians ranked 5th place in voter registration nationally with 278,446.
  • Gary Johnson

    Gary Johnson is a libertarian and was announced that he will be running for presidency.
  • 2012

    In the 2012 presidential elections the libertarian party has gained access to 47 states and the other 3 were on pending.