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    Liberian History

  • Congress illegalizes slave importation- S

  • Britian abolishes slave trade- S

  • American Colonization Society- S

    This was made with the intent of resettling freed U.S. slaves in Africa.
  • High Death Rate for Settlers- S

    The unhealthy conditions of Liberia to the African American settlers caused a very high death rate.
  • Settlers buy Land- E

    For what was worth about $300 in trade goods, supplies, weapons, and rum, the new settlers gained a "36 mile long and 3 mile wide" strip of coastal land.
  • Slave Trade Outlawed in Liberia- E

    The new settlers of Liberia were prohibited from participating in the slave trade.
  • First African Governer- P

    Joseph Jenkins Roberts was appointed Liberis first black governor.
  • The Commonwealth of Liberia Income- E

    The CWL recieved most of its revenue from taxes, which angered the indigenous people and the British that traded in Liberia.
  • Liberian gains independence- P

  • Whig Political Party- P

    The True Whig Party was founded and was the most prominent politcal division from the late 1800's to 1980 in Liberia.
  • Forced Labor- E

    The Americo-Liberian settlers employed indiginous people into forced labor until the 1930's.
  • Krahn Revolt- S

    The tension of the forced labor upon the indigeous groups caused an uprising in Liberia. Master Sergeant Samuel Doe of the indigenous Krahn ethnic group led a revolt that resulted in the assassination of the president and other government officials.
  • Master Sergeant Samuel Doe Election- P

    This sergeant lead the Krahn Revolt, then held an official presidential election. However, the poll was widely viewed as fraudulant,
  • Civil War Economy- E

    The first Civil War of Liberia caused many rich buisnessmen to leave the country from 1986-1996. With them they took their money and expertise, greatly damaging the economy.
  • Charles Taylor Uprising- P

    Leader of the National Patriotic Front of LIberia (NPFL), a rebel group of the Gio ethnicity, came together in an uprising against Doe.
  • Doe Assassinated- P