LGBTQ rights

By n.todd
  • Same Sex marriage prohibited

    A Minneota Supreme court ruled that the prohibition of same-sex marriage is, in fact, constitutional. This gives the beginning of the LGBTQ Rights movement a hindered start.
  • Oregon county violates state law

    Multnomah cou;nty in Oregon issue approimately 3000 same sex marriage liscenses. This is against the states' ruling. After the licenses were deemed illegal, most of those same sex partners sued the state of Oregon
  • Making Transgendered persons less stigmatized

    On May 22, 2013, The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) classified "Gender Identity Disorder" as instead "Gender Dysphoria" as to specify that it is a distress about the assigned gender rather than a mental illness. This was a big step for those classified as transgender because it meant that they could recieve gender reassignment surgery with the support of insurance.
  • Russia is set back in its movement

    Putin signed a law that made it harder for gay and lesbian citizens of Russia to be open about their sexuality, even threatening jail time for teaching that anything other than "traditional" sexual relations are unnatural, perverted, and downright bad