Timeline created by cdavis27
  • Buying Leo

    Buying Leo
    We bought Nidas from a lady in Ripley, WV. She had two puppies left, and Nidas was the only male. She had around 10 dogs in large cages outside of her home.
  • Period: to


    This timeline decribes how we got our dog Leonidas, the trials we faced, and where we are now.
  • Leonidas is limping

    We notice Leo limps a lot. Any time he runs or goes down stairs, he wines like he is in pain.
  • Leo goes to the vet

    Leo goes to Cross Lanes Veternarian Hospital. We are told he has Fragmented Coronoid Process in his legs. The front two show on ex-rays, but he likely has this abnormality in all 4 legs.
  • Leo goes to Virginia Tech

    Leo goes to Virginia Tech
    Leo goes to VT, where they perform an arthroscope on both of his front legs. He spends 2 days there, and then endures the car ride home. We got stuck in traffic on the turnpike for 7 HOURS.
  • Getting around good

    Getting around good
    Leo gets around good, but he sometimes seems sore. He can run and jump,but after excess activity, he needs to rest.