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  • Jul 25, 1554

    Phillip II takes the throne

    Phillip II took the Spanish throne in 1554. He was not a true absolute monarch because he still had to face many restraints put on by the Spanish constitution, but he ruled largely without protest. He was a devout Catholic and prevented Protestantism from spreading to Spain and Portugal.
  • Period: May 23, 1568 to

    Dutch Revolt

    In 1568, Dutch Protestants living in colonies under Phillip II began revolting aganst his strongly militant and absolute Roman Catholic policies. Although Phillip II was able to contain the rebellion at first, it restarted in 1572 when the rebels captured the Dutch seaport Brielle. The revolt finally ended in 1648 with the Treaty of Munster.
  • Louis XIV takes the throne

    Louis XIV took the throne in 1643 due to divine right. Divine right was the belief that a monarch has been given the right to rule straight from God. He created an absolute monarchical rule in France in which everyone had to answer to him.