Lebanon 1982

  • US Gets Involved

    President Camille Chamoune asks the US to help the Lebanon's independence. So US send marine troops.
  • Civil War Starts

    Some Phalangist gunmen attack a bus in a district of Beirut, killing 27 of its mainly Palestinian passengers. The Phalangists had claimed that guerrillas had previously attacked a church in the same district. These events had started a Civil War
  • Syrian Enters Lebanon

    Syrian troops enter Lebanon to restore peace but also to curb the Palestinians,
  • South Lebanon

    Israel launches a major invasion of southern Lebanon. It withdraws from all but a narrow border strip, which it hands over to South Lebanon Army mainly Christian militia.
  • Fighting Back

    Palestinian splinter group attempt an assassination of the Israeli ambassador , Israel launches a full-scale invasion of Lebanon.
  • Suicide Attack

    Suicide attack on US embassy kills 63 people in April, and another in October on the headquarters of the peacekeepers. It kills 241 US and 58 French troops. the US troops then withdraw in 1984.
  • Lebanon Gets Involved

    Palestinians use Lebanon as a base for attacks on Israel even though Lebanon isn't involved in the Arab-Israeli war.
  • Civil War Ends

    The Syrian air force attacks the Presidential Palace at Baabda and Aoun flees. This event ends the civil war.