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  • Civil war

    The civil war in Lebanon began in 1975 which which ended up drawing the U.S. into Lebanon.
  • Israel invades Lebanon

    Israeli troops invade southern Lebanon, after a short amount of time they controlled 10% of Lebanon. The Lebanese army was not strong enough to stop them.
  • Cease-Fire

    Phillip Habib, who was the President's special envoy, developed a cease-fire that lasted 10 and a half months which benefited Lebanon greatly.
  • Cease fire ends

    The ceasefire ended when the Israeli defense minister Ariel Sharon met with U.S secretary of state and said that Israel would have to invade for self-defense. Washington approved of this.
  • Israeli troops move into Beruit

    Israeli troops kept advancing and made their way to the capitol city of Beruit. Lebanon was trying to prevent this but could not,
  • Treaty signed

    A peace treaty signed by the U.S., Lebanon, and Israel gives Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon
  • Truck bombing

    At the American barracks in Lebanon of 1983 two suicide bombers set of truck bombs and destroyed a big part of the barracks. 241 Americans were killed and it was a devastating loss for the U.S.
  • Civil war ends

    Lebanon ended the war after 15 long years. Lebanon became a better place after this and 2 years later Rafik Hariri.