League of Nations 1920’s

Timeline created by C Cordeiro
  • Refugee Commission

    250,000 Russians in Germany and France. 300,000 Germans in Russia. Nansen with help from Red Cross returned 425,000 displaced refugees (1920-22)
  • The Health Organization

    Lead by Rajchman. Established links between non-member states(Japan, Russia, and America). Gave Public Health advice to nations. Prevented Typhus epidemic in Siberia. Research institutions in Copenhagen and Londen.
  • Vilna( Lithuania)

    Poland Invaded Vilna. Polish living in Vilna. League ordered Poland to withdraw and plebiscite to be put in place. Poland refused. Conference of Ambassadors awarded Vilna to Poland.
  • International Labour Organization

    Ended lead white paint. Limited work hours of children. Initiated 48 hour week. Many member countries didn't adopt.
  • Slavery Commission

    Ended Slavery in Jordan. 200,000 slaves free. Stoped forced prostituton. Raids against slave owners.
  • Upper Silesia

    Located on border between Poland and Germany. Given Polish control. Germany complained. Plebiscite organized. Given to Garmany. Poland protested. Eastern Upper Silesia to Poland, Western to Germany.
  • Åland Islands

    Both Sweden and Finland had claim. League granted to Finland .Sweden agreed
  • Corfu Incident

    After Italian General and his staff killed while patrolling border between Greece and Albania. Mussolini ordered Greece pay 50,000 lira in compensation and hand over murderers. Greece unable to locate murderers. Italy invade Corfu. League is called in and tells Greece to pay and Italy to withdraw. Italy’s bullying won the day.
  • Occupation of the Ruhr

    Germany failed to pay reparations. So France and Belgium occupied the Ruhr till Germany paid Reparations. The League was never consulted.