Latin American pre-War timeline

  • Chile gains independence

  • Argentina gains independence

  • Peru independence

  • Bolivia independence

  • Peru makes guano deal with Europe

    The deal benefits Europeans. Peru must bring in Chinese and Chilean laborers due to a shortage
  • Chile midcentury economic boom funds railroads and infrastructure

  • 1850s Bolivia experiences stagnant economy even with nitrates

    Chile handles most of nitrate business
    "ni producen, ni consumen"
  • Late 1850s Peru finds nitrates in Tarapaca Peru

    Chileans again come to work
  • Chincha's War

    Spain takes control of guano-rich Chinca Islands
    All countries of southern South America form alliance besides Argentina. Beat Spain in 1866 to reestablish independence
  • 1866-1867 Naval Armament by Chile and subs. Peru

  • Chile-Bolivia sign land agreement

    Establish borer at 24th parallel, demilitarized zone between 23rd and 25th where muchof the nitrates resided
  • Peru borrows money, does not invest in infrastrucutre

  • Peru makes secret war alliance with Bolivia

    Peru somewhat motivated by increased Chilean naval power.
    Chilean finds out within months
  • Chile begins to experience economic stagnation and depression

  • All Peru income from exportation of Guano funding Balta debt

  • Chile-Bolivia sign new pact, allowed Bol. to tax between 23-24 parallel but strikes deal with current companies for 25 years, fixed tax rates

  • Daza takes over in a coup

  • Prado elected president of Peru

  • Pinto inaugurated

  • Daza (Bolivian gvt) imposes 10 centavos per quintal tax on export of nitrates

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs orders minister to Bolivia to demand revocation of tax

  • Chile orders warship to Bolivia

  • Chile probs wih Argentina about Strait of Magellan control