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Latin America 1500-1780

  • Nov 14, 1501

    Slave Trade AUTHORIZED

    Slave Trade AUTHORIZED
    The Crown Authorizes African Slave trade, a future trade that, along with the Sugar Industry(which it stimulated) would prove to be vital to the economy/political control in Latin America under the Portuguese/Spanish/English/Dutch/French colonists/merchants/nobles.
  • Nov 14, 1508

    Juan Ponce De León, The Conqueror.

    Juan Ponce De León, The Conqueror.
    Juan Ponce De León founds San Juan after conquering Puerto Rico. Also Discovers Gold. Sugar mills are established on Española.
  • Nov 14, 1525

    A permanent settlement is founded.

    First permanent settlement of Santa Marta in what would later be Nueva Granada founded by Rodrigo de Bastidas.
  • Nov 14, 1529

    Venezuela and Ambrosio Alfinger.

    Governor of Venezuela chosen, after administration established by colonists who were sent by Welsers. Protests in Spain. Dreams of El Dorado and lots of gold. Harsh times for Indians.
  • Jan 18, 1535


    After leaving Cuzco, Pizarro founded the (future) Perú Capital city; Lima.
  • Period: Nov 14, 1537 to Nov 14, 1541

    Civil War Between Pizarro and Almagro

    Almagro was enfuriated that he failed in his attempt to conquer Chíle, and decided to go to war against Pizarro over jurisdiction of Cuzco, which did not bode well for him.