Lam's family timesline

By suri
  • My grandfather was born in Ha Tinh

  • My grandmother was born in Ha Noi

  • My grandparetns met each other in Russia

  • They came back Viet Nam

  • my grandparens got married

  • My moher was born in Hanoi

  • My uncle was born

  • My grandparents and their son came back to the Russia

  • My mom also went to Russia

  • We cameback to Viet Nam

  • My uncle was vicim of motobike acciden and he went to died. During this time my mom and dad met each other

  • my parents got married

  • I was born ^^

  • my family very love pet, especially dogs, my family have 2 dogs

  • i don' know what reason my parens broke up because i was too young

  • after my parents divorced my mother was admitted sheraon, she work manager in here

  • My mom and my astepfather met each other

  • my mom and my astep father got married when I was 10 years old

  • Period: to

    I had astepfather and my grandparents live wih us until now. And my parents didn't have baby

  • Maybe i will study aboard in Swizerland

  • About 2-3 years lates i will come back to Viet Nam and i will work in some Hotel in Viet Nam, or i will open spa or resort

  • may be i will marry, because he date of years very nice ^^