(KS) The Book of Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick, Fiction 273 pages

  • Chapter 1-12, 47 pages

    The reader learns about the setting and the atmosphere of the theater. They meet Boy the assistant, Valerian the magician, Korp the director, and Willow (Boy's friend). Korp dies and the theater shuts down, Boy notices that things aren't like they used to be with Valerian, and he's getting worried. Read pages 1-47, total=411
  • Chapter 12-26 , 65 pages

    As Valerian's health starts to decline, Willow and Boy learn that Valerian is in big trouble, and if they don't do something about it, he only has 3 days to They learn that they need to find a grave containing a book that might save Valerian, and now they have to do everything in their power to attain it. Pages 47-112, Total= 476 pages
  • Chapter 26-36, 45 pages

    When Valerian needs the location of the grave containing the book, he sends Boy to go find the master of burials. When they find out that the Master is trying to bring mutations to life, Valerian fools him in to giving them the information by "reviving" them with electricity and copper rods. Read 112-156 pages, total=521 pages.
  • Chapter 36-40, 24 pages

    The ragged trio goes to the Black Four, a tavern in Linden (the town that is supposed to contain the book). Here they get dirrections to the graveyard, and as Valerian's condition worsens, they head out. After the freezing trek to the hallowed ground, they come to find that the book is not there. The reader finds out that Valerian's fate is due to a pact he made with a demon, for his life! Read pages 156-180, total= 545 pages.
  • Chapter 40-57, 86 pages

    Valerian, Boy, and Willow finally find the book and as Valerian pries inside, willow looks over his shoulder and reads the information vital to save Valerian's life. Willow reads that in order to save himself, he would need to sacrifice that of one who was close to him to the Demon; Boy. Boy ran when Willow screamed. However Valerian caught up and is now awaiting the demon in hiding, while Willow searches desperatly for them in order to save Boy from Valerian's fate.
    180-266, total= 631 pages.
  • Chapter 57-End, 7 pages

    Valerian is ready to give boy over to the demon, when Valerian's friend Kepler who had always been fond of Boy bursted in to the room and set things straight. He told Boy how old he was, when he was born, and he convinced Valerian to leave Boy and die his own death. Boy is relieved and looks to Willow for comfort after loosing his master, and he relizes that he loves her, and that they will take the next steps of their life together.
    266-273, total= 638 pages.