Kosovo and Bosnia Conflict

By kmj1
  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia

    Kingdom of Yugoslavia
    On october 3rd, 1929, Kingdom of the Serbs was renamed to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It is made up of Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and let by Josip Tito.
  • Period: to

    Kosovo and Bosnian Conflicts

  • Effects of WWII

    Effects of WWII
    The Kingdom of Yugolsavia was invaded in 1941 by the Axis Powers, and was abolished.
  • Communism

    In 1963 a communist governement was established in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
  • Downfall

    Leader Josip Tito dies leading to public unrest that would lead to the creation of militias and violence throught the region.
  • Tensions Rise

    Tensions Rise
    Massive riots spread through Kosovo ending in 11 deaths.
  • Arkan's Tigers

    Arkan's Tigers
    In response to rising tensions, Zeljko Raznatiovic, a.k.a. Arkan, formed a military group know as the Serb Volunteer Guard or the Tigers. His group was formed of soccer players from his soccer club, friends and other criminals.
  • Liberation of Kosovo

    Liberation of Kosovo
    The Kosovo Liberation Army forms in 1991 in opposition to Albanian control. The KLA would grow to a powerful military group in Kosovo, many of their actions however sparked critisim in the US about them being terrorist.
  • Bosnian Civil War

    Bosnian Civil War
    After the secession of Slovania and Croatia a civil war broke out in Bosnia.
  • Markale Massacre

    Markale Massacre
    During the Siege of Sarajevo the city suffered its deadliest attack when a 120 mm motar shell landed in a crowded market killing 68 people and wounding 144 others. The next day the UN Secretary - General Boutros-Ghali requested air strikes against mortar positions near the city, but the actuall attack was complicated by political issues. The Serbs were instead giving an ultimatum, either remove all heavy weapons from the area or face air strikes.
  • End of the War

    A ceasfire agreement was signed ending the Bosnian civil war. Official agreements ending conlicts were signed in Washington on march 18th the same year.
  • NATO in Bosnia

    NATO in Bosnia
    NATO forces launch an air strike to destroy the military capabilities of the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) who threatened to attack NATO "Safe Areas" in Bosnia.
  • Kosovo wars

    Kosovo wars
    War breaks out in Kosovo against Albanians, the KLA sieze territory in the region while fighting Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) forces.
  • NATO in Kosovo

    NATO in Kosovo
    NATO begins an offensive campaign against FRY consisting of 3 months of bombing.
  • End of Kosovo war

    End of Kosovo war
    War ends in Kosovo.

    The conflicts in Bosnia resulted in the death of over 100,000 and the rape of around 50,000.
    The conflicts in Kosovo resulted in the death of around 10,000 through bombing and genocide.