K94 2 (bosnia kosovo)

Kosovo and Bosnia

  • Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic wants to dominate

    Psychiatrist Jovan Raskovic wants to dominate
    Raskovic thinks of Serbia as great and says they need to dominate the croat and muslim minorities because of their superiority.
  • Independance

    Slovenia and Croatia declare independance before Bosnia also breaks out into war for Independance
  • Rascovic confesses

    Rascovic confesses
    mass extermination of the Croats and Muslims starts before Rascovic tells national TV that he had been responsible for preparing the Serbs for war- He later dies.
  • USA gets involved

    USA gets involved
    The USA notices that the 3 major Yugoslav republics are breaking away. George W. Bush warns new Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, that serbian aggression in Kosovo will bring US involvement.
  • War in Bosnia

    War in Bosnia
    "ethnic cleansing" spreads in Bosnia. NATO threatens with air strikes to protect Muslims. First air strike on April against Bosnian Serbs
  • Dayton Accord

    Dayton Accord
    The Dayton Accord ends the war in Bosnia but the Kosovo issues are still left unresolved
  • KLA

    The Kosovo Liberation Army appears and begins attacks against Serb authorities in Kososvo, the fighting later escalates in Kosovo- Serbian forces resist and KLA steps up.
  • War ends

    War ends
    Serbs withdraw and security force was established to keep the peace