KMH Gay America, 152 pages, nonfiction

  • 1-15

    Describing gay America before the 20th century, especially the case of a lesbian couple in 1892 high society.
  • 16-45

    Describing how there was not really a closet for gays before the depression hit, and how gay men began distinguishing themselves as queers vs fairies (masculine vs feminine men). Then how after WWII, gays were ridiculed, closeted, and discharged from the military.
  • 46-59

    Some gay playwrites and their lives, more on society's fear of homosexuals.
  • 60-100

    The various societies created by gays and lesbian (daughters of bilitis, the mattachine society), as well as the stonewall riots and the removal of homosexuality as a psychological disease in the American Pediatric Association in 1974. Also the AIDS crisis, and how it caused queers to come together like neever before.
  • 101-120

    More on the AIDS crisis and how the government reacted ( homophobically), and on how the AIDS crisis awakened the public to the fact that there are gays everywhere.
  • 121-152

    Various gay "lynchings", especieally Mathew Shepard's, and how that awakened toe nation to the problems of hate. Also the Clinton Administration, and the creation of the military policy Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which meant that someone could not be questioned and discharged because of their sexuality. DADT really didn't work. Also, Proposition 8, The first gay marriage state, (Massachusets), and movies in which gays are becoming more viible.