King Artur


    Chapter 5 Despite the king’s last words, many want to be king after Uther’s death. Merlin tells the Archbishop of Canterbury to gather all the lords of the kingdom to London by Christmas, so that Jesus might show by a miracle who should be king. After the lords arrive and attend church, they see in the churchyard a massive stone with a sword stuck into it: letters in gold around the stone say that whoever pulls the sword from the stone is the rightful king.

    Chapter 6 Kay cannot pull the sword out either. Sir Ector then kneels before Arthur, saying that he is not Arthur’s father, and that Arthur is of a higher kinship. Ector then tells him the story of Merlin. Arthur is sorry to learn that Ector is not his true father, and swears to continue to be loyal to him. Ector asks only that Kay be made senecal (steward) of the kingdom, and Arthur agrees. They all go to the Archbishop to tell him what’s taken place.

    Chapter 7 At the Christian feast of Pentecost, many try to pull the sword out of the stone once again, but only Arthur succeeds. The commoners cry that they want Arthur as their king. At the London cathedral, Arthur is sworn in and crowned as king. Many come to complain about the lawless seizing of lands since Uther’s death. Arthur restores these lands to their proper owners. He appoints Sir Kay senecal (steward) of England and Sir Ulfius chamberlain.
  • king arthur chapter one

    Chapter 1 The narrator begins during the reign of king Uther Pendragon in England. Uther sends for the Duke of Cornwall, who has been warring against Uther, and also for the Duke’s wife Igraine. Uther falls in love with Igraine and propositions her, but she refuses him and tells the Duke what Uther has done. They soon depart. Uther then sends for the Duke again. When he doesn’t return, Uther is incredibly angry, and decides to use this an excuse to make war.