Key Events 1913-2013

By james s
  • Communist revolution creats several new countries

    Communist revolution in Russia and its empire creats several new countries that are known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and under the leadership
  • Treaty of Versailles

  • The Comintern

  • First radio broadcast

    Australia's first radio broadcast tajes place in Sydney.
  • Period: to

    Prime minister swap

    In the UK, Stanley Baldwin (a conservative) and Pamsay MacDonald (Labour leader) swap the prime minstership several times.
  • James demonstrates first television

    James Logie Baird demonstrates the worlds first television transmission/
  • Jazz singer begins taking photos

    The Jazz Singer begins the era of 'taking pictures' at the end of silent movies.
  • USSR

    Death of Vlademir
  • Japan invades Machuria in China

  • Pharlap wins the Melbourne cup

  • Bodyline Bowling

    English cricket team devises 'bodyline bowling' to beat the run scoring talents of Don Brandman
  • Hitler

    becomes chancellor of Germany
  • Black Friday

    Black friday bushfires in Victoria kill 71 people and destroys five towns.
  • World War II

    Germany invades Poland