Key events 1750-1918

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  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial revolution sarts around this time. The industrial was the period of time between 1760 to around 1830 where Machinery was used to automate production. Coal was a much needed resource in these times, and a lot of the worlds coal was dug up by people who worked in horendus conditions
  • Decleration of independence

    The decleration of independence is formed. This signifies that The colonies of america are independent from the british empire.
  • Australian Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush started when a man discoverd gold near Bathurst. This leaded to a lot of people migrating from other countries to Australia. The massive growth in population caused towns and cities, especially Melbourne, to grow dramatically in size
  • Great famine ends

    The great famine of Ireland ends this year. Also known as the Great potato famine, about 1,000,000 peole die and the same amount migrate out of Ireland. Ireland loses 20-25% of its population
  • End of American civil war

    The American Civil War ends with over 600,000 casuakties. The war is between The confederacy in the south and the union in the north. The union, led by Abraham Lincoln wins after 4 years, 3 weeks and 6 days
  • First Boer War Ends

    The first Boer war, or freedom war, ends. The war was fought between the British empire and the boers of South Africa. The Boers were angry that the British were taking control of South Africa, so they rebeled. The British won
  • Maxim Gun Invented

    the Maxim Gun is invented in the year 1884. The Maxim gun was a large step up from previous rapid fire guns as it didn,t have as much recoil and allowed the user to shoot 10 bullets a second. This invention is a significent event in history as the british used it in many wars, and it led to the invention of the modern machine gun.
  • Jack the Ripper

    jack the Ripper's reign of terror starts in london's streets this year. The unidentified killer. He kiled around 8 women in the spring and summer of 1888. He often mutilated his victims, slashing their throats and stabbing them multiple times in the abdomen
  • Australian Federation

    The federation of Australia occuers today. This is a significant event as Australia now becomes recognised as an official cuntry, when it was previously a group of colonies owned by the British empire.
  • Titanic sinks

    The Titanic, the largest passenger ship of its time, sinks
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated. HIs death sparked WWI
  • WWI ends

    The first world war ends with the defeat of Germany and their allies. 135 countries partisipated and 16,000,000 people died