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  • The Kenyan African Union was formed.

    The Kenyan African Union was formed.
    This union fought to gain Africa's independence
  • Jomo Kenyatta becomes leader of KAU

    Jomo Kenyatta becomes leader of KAU
  • Mau Mau starts violence and Kenyatta is arrested.

    Mau Mau starts violence and Kenyatta is arrested.
    The gurrella group campaigns against white settlers and Kenyatta is suspected and taken into custody.
  • Kenyan Independence

    Kenya gains independence from Britain. Jomo Kenyatta becomes the first president.
  • Daniel arap Moi takes power as president

    Daniel arap Moi takes power as president
    Daniel arap Moi takes power as president when he succeded Jomo Kenyatta.
  • 2002 Elections Occur in Kenya

    2002 Elections Occur in Kenya
    On December 27, 2002 Mwai Kibaki takes leadership as president of Kenya. The previous president, Daniel arap Moi insisted Uhuru Kenyatta run for president instead of himself. Kenyatta became the main opponent of Kibaki, but the results were clear. Kibaki won with a percentage of 62.2% of the votes in comparison to the 31.32%. From ths victory Mwai Kibaki ended almost 40 years of Kanu rule. Kenyan's believe that elections play a big part in thier lives.
  • Period: to


    Violence occurs following the 2002 presidential elections in Kenya for approximatly one year of major conflict
  • Mawi Kibaki suggest new Constitution

    Violence broke out when KIbaki auggested a new constituition that said it would give him more power. In July parliament approved the draft of the constittion.
  • 2007 Elections Occur in Kenya

    The two officials that are fighting to gain the presidentship are Mawi Kabaki and Raila Odinga. Mawi had been the president before and is trying to keep his place as president. The one who is elected will determine Kenya's fate concerning it's economy, education, and health system. This election made a large impact on the kenyan people. It would suggest would would rule them for another five more years.
  • Election causes violence

    Election causes violence
    From the disputed presidential elections it leads to violence that causes more than 1,500 die people to die. About 15 minutes after the new president was announced ethnic violence took place. The 2007 election had caused the largest violence in history of any election. When Mawi was re-elected it thus began a crisis in Kenya. Groups of Kenyans are trying to stop the violence between cultures and conclude that the fighting is caused by uncifvilied people who want their rights spoken clearly.
  • Kibaki declared President

    Kibaki declared President
    There was a large dispute when both presidents announced that they had won. But votes had been counted and the president of Kenya is non-other then Mwai Kibaki. But right after Kibaki was re-elected riots broke out in Kenya. These riots were between different tribes who differed in beliefs from the presidents. This effected how they had live together. Tribes had fought with one another and fighting had increased. He believes he can recreate the culture and build it stronger.
  • New Constitution Established

    On the fourth of August 2010 the public of Kenya had voted to create a new constitution. This constitution sets out new terms: giving the people a bill of rights, the electoral commission is independent and the president may not control the group, and some of the presidential power was given away so the president had no dominence over it. This is a solution that has worked becasue civilians have set up society organizations in which their goal is to prevent violence from occuring again.
  • Period: to

    Effects of the Elections

    Kenya becomes involved in a conflict with Somalia. This conflict is caused by the kidnapping of Kenyan people by the Somalian rebels. Government involvement is hightened and many people are forced to join the military. This becomes the occupation of many people in Kenya.