Keena's Post-Timeline

  • I was born

    I was born to parents of a different culture whose beliefs and behavioral patterns are different from the American culture. My family has been passed these beliefs and their culture down to me and I am passing them down to my daughters
  • Classifying my tempermant

    My mothers says I was a difficult child to deal with. I cried frequently unless I was being held or in my swing
  • My parent separation

    My dad joined the Army, moved to Virginia and didn't want me and my mother to come with him.
  • Sibling relationships

    My only sibling was born. My brother and I have encounter verbal and physical confrontaions, but we are the best of friends.
  • Starting the first grade

    I have always enjoyed going to school and making new friends. I enjoyed social play which involved interacting with my friends
  • Religion

    At the time we were Catholic and I recieved my first communion
  • Gifted program

    While attending Junior High School I was placed in the Gifted program for Math and Science.
  • Bilingual

    I always wished I could speak spanish like the adults in my family and my hispanic friends. My parents didn't teach us thier native language
  • Ethnicity in Schools

    I attended a High School with that had students from different ethinc brackgrounds and diversity
  • Peer Status

    I was always in the "popular" during my high school years
  • Risk factors in Adolescent Sexual Behavior/ Adolescent Pregnancy

    Emotionally I thought I was in love and I made the choice to have unprotected sex. My daughter was born when I was 17 and a senior in high schoo. I also beleive it had to do with my socioeconomic status
  • Self-esteem and my identity

    I was 18 with a child and I had no idea who I was
  • Emerging Adulthood and beyond

    I decided to work instead of going to college in order to take care of my daughter.
  • My transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

    I decided to go to college to provide a better life for my daughter.
  • Falling out of love

    I was longer in love with my husband.
  • Dealing with Divorce

    My girls and I had to adjust to our new lives
  • New Career

    My occupation isn't just a job, its my career andI love what I do
  • Education class

    I wrote a paper on Gardner's eight types of intelligence and I discovered I am a Interpersonal and Bodily-kinesthetic learner
  • Dimensions of Grieving

    Understanding what grief is and how to deal with the death of my grandmother