Kayla Walker

  • Went hiking at Daredevil falls on the Parkway with Shaianne.

  • Hiking. Step One.

    First, we had to to put on shorts, T-shirts, and tennis shoes to be comfy during our adventure.
  • Hiking. Step Two.

    We had to pack lots of water since it was super hot outside and a lunch to enjoy once we got to the waterfall.
  • Hiking. Step Three.

    We drove my my house in East Asheville up on the parkway. It was an absolutely beautiful day to do this, perfect weather.
  • Hiking. Step Four.

    Once we got there, we walked the trail to get to the waterfall. There were quite a bit of people there who had the same idea to hike and have a lunch up there. We decided to walk around a while after, too.
  • Hiking. Step Five.

    After our hike, we went back to my house, sprawled out on the couch, and took a well deserved nap.