Katie Noyola

  • Austria regains control

    In 1849, Auistria regains control of most of Italy.
  • Kingdom of Sardinia

    Northern Italy was joined to the Kingdom of Sardinia
  • Kingdom of Italy

    Kingdom of Italy
    The Kingdom of Italy was formed under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi Victor Emmanuel II crowned king
  • Italy defeats

    Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire
  • War

    In 1914, World War I started
  • Italy Joins War

    Italians join the war but on hte side of the Allies.
  • Allies Win

    In 1918, the Allies win War World I.
  • Prime Minister

    Prime Minister
    The Fascists named Benito Mussolini the Prime Minister of Italy.
  • New Dictator

    New Dictator
    Benito Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy
  • Signed Agreement

    Mussolini and Hitler sign an agreement known as the Roman-Berlin Axis.
  • Italy Conquers

    Italy Conquers
    Italy conquers Albania and Mussolini sides with Hitler and Fascist Germany.
  • Italy Surrenders

    Italy Surrenders
    Italy surrenders to the Allies in World War II
  • Italy Declares War

    Italy Declares War
    Italy declares war on Germany.
  • Italy Abolishes

    Italy Abolishes
    Italy abolishes the monarchy and establishes a republic