Kathleen Kane Crisis

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  • Kathleen Kane

    Kathleen Kane
    Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane will run for the 2012 Democratic nomination for Attorney General.
  • Sandusky is under investigation- later charged

    Sandusky is under investigation- later charged
    Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky is under investigation for allegations he assaulted a minor. Later he is charged for 40 charges of sex crimes against underaged boys on November 5th.
  • Kathleen wins election

    Kathleen wins election
    Kathleen Kane wins the 2012 Democratic nomination for Attorney General by a 53%-47% margin over former Congressman Patrick Murphy. Kane becomes the first elected female Attorney General in the history of Pennsylvania.
  • Kathleen challenges Tom Corbett

    Kathleen challenges Tom Corbett
    The Freeh Report, an investigation by former FBI Director Louis Freeh commissioned by Penn State, is released. The report is deeply critical of the university’s administration, including Paterno. These conclusions are still contested by many PSU alumni. Kathleen Kane begins to call for an investigation into whether Tom Corbett slowed down the prosecution of Sandusky over political concerns. Among those prosecutors who worked on the Sandusky case was Frank Fina.
  • Kathleen is anaugurated

    Kathleen is anaugurated
    Kathleen Kane is inaugurated as the 48th Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She is the first woman to ever hold the office. On February 4th Kane hires H. Geoffrey Moulton to investigate the handling of the Jerry Sandusky case.
  • Sexually explicit emails revealed

     Sexually explicit emails revealed
    Brad Bumsted and Melissa Daniels of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reveal that Moulton’s investigation uncovered numerous sexually explicit emails that were sent and shared in the database of the Attorney General’s office.
  • Kane refuses

    The protective order is lifted off the emails, leaving Kane in charge of what to do with the pornographic material. Kane initially refuses to release the emails.
  • Kane gets in deeper trouble

    Kane’s Harrisburg office is searched by investigators that are part of Ferman’s team. They are looking for emails related to the leak of grand jury information to the Daily News last year. Kane will be criminally charged the next day. Now being revealed, Kane could’ve released the pornographic emails without violating the order. This seemingly contradicts her claims.
  • Law license has been suspended

    The PA Supreme Court temporarily suspends the Attorney General’s law license. For the first time, Kane suggests she won’t run for re-election on September 25th.
  • Kane is coming to an end

    For the first time, Kane suggests she won’t run for re-election.
  • Changes her mind

    Kane reverses course and indicates that she now will run for re-election. On January 12th Kane seeks to have her law license reinstated
  • Far from the end

    The Attorney General announces that she won’t run for re-election. After making many appearances to try and make her name more positive a final decision has been made after calling politics a "disease". This may be far from the end for prior attorney general Kathleen Kane.
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