Juan Flores Period 7 gandhi

  • The Great Indian Rebellion

    The Great Indian Rebellion
    It all began with the sepoys (soldiers, mostly hindu and muslim), and in Meerut, a town. There started to be a lot of civilian rebellions, in places such as Delhi, and the rebellion started spreading to places like, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and northern Madhya Pradesh. The Sepoys went to Delhi and fought.
  • Control

    Since the rebellion was threatening the control of the British. They decided to act and basically gain control of India.
  • Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress
    The Indian National Congress was formed at this time of year.
  • South Africa

    South Africa
    Gandhi moves to south africa
  • Muslim League

     Muslim League
    The Muslim League was created.
  • The war ends

    The war ends
    After the war ends, all of the indian soldiers return back to their homes.
  • Rowlatt Acts

    Rowlatt Acts
    The Rowlatt Acts pass
  • Amritsar

    It was a true massacre, caused by a British General who didn't have the authorization to open fire and kill about 400 indians and injure 1,200. There were kids and woman present in this festival, in total there was about 10,000 hindus and muslims present.
  • Civil Disobediance

    Civil Disobediance
    The congress party told people to refuse to obey all of the unjust laws.
  • President

    Gandhi is elected for president, of the Indian National Congress.
  • Salt Act

    They demonstrate their dislikement of the idea that the British government control all of the salt buisiness and that you are only allowed to buy from there.
  • Salt March

    gandhi and his followers walked a distance up to 240 miles to get to the shore to collect salt, and start making their own.
  • Dharasana salt works Massacre

    The people took a non- violent visit to this salt factory, and the English soldiers beat them up.
  • Round Table Conference

    Gandhi is invited to the "round table conference" in England
  • Self Government

    England makes the first move to letting India have its revolution, they grant them to be able to govern themselves.
  • Independance

    Britain finaly leaves India, and lets them have their own country.