JP Timeline

Timeline created by JP23
  • 23/09/99

    I was born in the country of Colombia, Bogotá
  • My First Travel

    I traveled my first time to a country or a city. I don't remember his name
  • My First School Garden

    Enter my first school garden
  • My First Kiss

    My first kiss still being a child
  • Garden Course

    I lost my garden course
  • Period: to


    I started school 2006-2007
  • School Course

    I lost my second course because I was very lazy
  • Period: to

    My First Commumion

    My first Communion
  • School Course

    I lost my Third course at school because of lazy
  • Graduated went HighSchool

    I graduated and went to high school
  • Real Girlfriend

    My first Real Girlfriend
  • I graduated Of Ninth

    I graduated from ninth
  • Period: to

    I Graduated Of High School

    I have graduated from High School
  • Period: to

    Search To Learn English

    Search to learn english
  • Between A WordBee Academy

    enter a wordbee
  • Here I Am

    Here I am