Journey through school

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    My schooling

  • Kindergarten!

    So it begins! Kindergarten starts off with a bang! Mrs. Hall was my teacher.
  • First Grade!

    First Grade!
    Kindergarten has come to an end! First grade here I come. Mrs. Statt was my first grade teacher. This is where I met my best friends Amber and Ashley!
  • Second grade.

    Second grade.
    First grade was fun, but second grade here we go! Mrs. Way was my 2nd grade teacher.
  • Third grade.

    Third grade.
    Moving on up! Third grade with Mrs. Lyle. My favorite book was The Trumpet of the Swan that Mrs. Lyle read to us out loud. Cursive was a new skill in third grade!
  • Fourth grade

    Fourth grade
    Mr. DiFranco was my fourth grade teacher! I was so scared to have a man as a teacher, turns out he wasn't so bad! My favorite teacher!!! I also had Mrs. Valvano and Mrs. Jackson who came into our classroom daily. We did several fun things in 4th grade including making ice cream sundaes to practice our descriptive writing and a field trip to Coyne Dairy farm in Avon! And I started band playing the trumpet!
  • Fifth grade

    Fifth grade
    This year was a special year! I had Mrs. Orman as my teacher AND Miss Scott was a student teacher in our class.
  • Sixth grade

    Sixth grade
    I made it to middle school! Now I have to switch classrooms, and teachers! Plus I can play modified sports. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball!
  • Seventh grade

    Seventh grade
    Moving through middle school. 7th grade!
  • Eighth grade

    Eighth grade
    Almost through with middle school! And my brother graduates in June of 2004!
  • Ninth grade.

    Ninth grade.
    I made it to high school, Freshman year! And now I can play on the JV teams for volleyball and basketball. I was elected class president also!
  • Tenth grade

    Tenth grade
    Sophomore year here I am! Another year on JV volleyball and basketball. Still playing the trumpet in band, we are going to Ohio to compete.
  • Eleventh grade

    Eleventh grade
    Junior year! Filled with Varsity sports, class president, yearbook club chief editor and PROM!
  • Twelfth grade

    Twelfth grade
    Senior year! I made it! Now it is time to tour college and decide where to go! Plus another year on Varsity volleyball and basketball. Chief editor for the yearbook and senior class president. Plus senior banquet!
  • Graduation

    The day has finally come! Graduation from Honeoye Central School with an advanced regents diploma. I gave a commemorative speech at the ceremony!
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    Finger Lakes Community College

    I attended Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) for 2 years. I got my associates that would transfter to Geneseo in the 2+2 program I am in. I earned a Teacher Education transfer Associates in Art.
  • Graduation!

    Associates degree is complete! Our graduation day was beautiful as we graduated right at the CMAC center on campus!
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    SUNY Geneseo

    After FLCC I transfered to SUNY Geneseo where I lived for 2 years with Amber! In Fall of 2013 I student taught at the Monroe 1 Boces and Canandaigua Primary school. In Spring 2013 I went back to the classroom to finish up some English classes and took 2 graduate classes.
  • Graduation

    The day is FINALLY here! Graduation with my Bachelors in Childhood Education and Special Education!