New york pizza

Journey for the World's Best Pizza

  • Leaving Florida

    Leaving Florida
    Rent out a comfortable car for the long journey.
  • Entering Georgia and Other Counties

    Entering Georgia and Other Counties
    8 hours later . . . .
    Spend the night at a hotel so you have enough energy for tomorrow's endless drive.
  • Buy Winter Clothes

    Buy Winter Clothes
    You overslept so you had to pay extra hotel fees! This pizza better be worth it. Don't forget to buy winter clothes. You're heading farther up north.
  • Welcome to NY!

    Welcome to NY!
    You finally made it. You go to NY to buy pizza. But your credit cards are mixed out. You pay exact change for 1 slice of pizza.
  • File for Bankruptcy

    File for Bankruptcy
    Your creditors will call you. You will probably have to file for Bankruptcy. But don't worry, it was well worth it. You can probably do all of this again 7 years from now! Total Cost= $7342.77