Jose David

  • Birth

    I was born this day
  • My first birthday

    I turned 1 on this day. I was looking at my album and noticed that I was happy that day.
  • Started attending kindergarten

    I was not happy at the beginning but I got used to it eventually.
  • First time in a soccer team

    I was 4 years old when I played soccer for the first time.
  • Started attending school

    I was very excited for this and I made a lot of friends.
  • Graduated from preschool

    I graduated from preschool this year to start elementary school the next one.
  • Started attending elementary school

    I started attending elementary school at the age of 4. I still had not turned 5.
  • Left my first soccer team to join another one

    I joined another soccer team because of personal reasons.
  • Visited another city for the first time

    I went to Cartagena with my mother and my soccer team because there was a soccer tournament in that city.
  • My first goal!

    I scored my first official goal this year. I was so happy for this!
  • Made my First Holy Communion

    I made my first holy communion this year.
  • Graduated from elementary school

    I graduated from elementary school this year. The graduation was celebrated at my school's theatre. There were live DJs and much food.
  • First day in high school

    I was happy for having started a new stage in my life.
  • Currently in 2th grade of highschool

    I am currently in 2th grade of high school and besides that I started my YouTube channel this same year because I would like to share videos related to gaming.