John Doe's lifespan development

  • 0-3years development

    First life stages of a child development is in their mother's womb, when a child is born they have no control of there muscles, they are not able to stand or sit up without support. A child of this ages physical skills are they would start to sit up, crawl and walk further on down the line. when they reach to the age of 3 they would start to talk, and be able to learn and understand more, as children get older their, between 1 and 3, physical, intellectual and social skills would keep on develop
  • 0-3years lifeskills

    Intellectual skills are anything to do with the brain development, for example turning your head towards different sounds they would also try and respond to familiar voices at this age children would have started. •Follows moving objects •Starts using hands and eyes in coordination •Smiles at the sound of your voice •Begins to understand movements and facial expressions (sticking out tongue) •Begins to say certain sounds (try and communicate with people) •Begins to copy certain movement this wo
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    John Doe's lifespan development

  • 0-3years lifeskills

    As babies start to get older they would start to develop other and try to communicate with other people, for example they would smile and talk baby language with mum and other people they recognise, having a social relationship with a baby of this age it would help their social skills as they get older. Babies would start to do skills such as:
    • To develop a social smile
    • Starts to laugh and communicate with you
    • Enjoys playing and seeing other children.
  • 4-9years development

    At this stage a child will have started school, they would start to develop social skills and intellectual skills more, the first five years of life are very important stages of a child’s development. At this stage children should be able to do big movements such as running, jumping and kicking. At age 5, children have more control of their movements and start to see certain dangers.
  • 4-9years lifeskills

    At this age a child would be starting school and learn to communicate with people there age group, they would be learning new things off there parents and teachers and children. Children would start to shows affection and caring towards others especially those who are hurt or in pain.
  • 4-9years lifeskills

    Intellectually children would be developing extremely well, their social skills would have improved because they are at school, children of this age would ask many questions such as •Why? What? Where? When? , parents would also be teaching there child and they will start to pick up at lot that is going on around them, they would have a much better understanding and be able to do things lik count up to 20, know right from wrong and be excited to learn.
  • 10-18 years lifeskills

    You would have of started school and you would be bonding and playing with other children, this would help your communication skill and would teach you how to talk to others. You would be very excited and you would like friend, you will be talking and making friend with all types of people.
  • 10-18years development

    Puberty usually begins at this stage, Puberty is the time of fast physical development and it shows that this is the end of childhood and the beginning of sexual maturity, in girls between the ages of 8 and 13 and in boys between 10 and 15. Girls' bodies fill out and would start to grow breast and their body starts to change more from a child to a woman, they will develop hips also, their periods would start to begin and some women will get a cent, in both genders hair also grows under the arms
  • 10-18years life skills

    You would still have to having help making choices and learning how to be independent, you would have to still have a parent around to sign something’s because you would not be old enough to do it yourself. You would have started secondary school, collage or university, you would understand more and be able to communicate better with people in a formal way, your speech will be very good by now, and you could possible start to learn new languages.
  • 19-65 years development

    At this age a humans Body does not grow anymore as the person ages the body keeps on going through changing stages. By the time women are in their 50's, they have gone through the process of menopause which is when a woman’s period stops and it causes them to not be able to have children no more
  • 19-65 years life skills

    At this age you are at your independent development, you should be learning how to cook and you would be able to make complex decisions, you would have planned what you would like to do, and could have possibly moved out of your mothers house, you would also be able to start a family and a career.
  • 19-65years life skills

    You would have matured more than before and you would be able to do things like drive and go clubbing, this would help you make new friends and enjoy yourself, this would also help your emotional and social skills because it would boost your confidence, you would have started to make friends with members of the public and from social networks.
  • 65+

    Last stage of physical changes, both genders body would keep getting wrinkles and there body would keep on getting old until death. You would need help with movement and certain activities such as playing games and daily activities e.g. writing, at this age there are groups such as bingo and when elderly people in the community get together and talk about their lifers and their hobbies, this would make the elderly feel more happy and confident to talk to people.
  • 65+

    You would need help with movement and certain activities such as playing games and daily activities e.g. writing At this age there are groups such as bingo and when elderly people in the community get together and talk about their lifers and their hobbies, this would make the elderly feel more happy and confident to talk with people.
  • final life stages (death)

    At the final life stages, this is when someone is on the last stage of development which is death. Someone would become very tired and weak at this stage, it is also very easy to catch an illness because your body is not fit enough to handle the cold, another problem at this life stage is breaking your bones if an elderly person was to break a bone it could effect them physically because there is a possibility that the broken bone would not heal. This can cause someone to lose their life.
  • final life stages (death)

    At this stage someone could become lonely, the reason being is they would not be having much of a social life if they are at home; this can cause an elderly person to become low and not be able to discuss the problems and issues they feel is bothering them. For example if a elderly person feels unwell and has different problems going on within their body people would not know what is going on, and the elderly person could pass away without anyone knowing.