Mom McChesney

  • Birth

    My Mom Johanna was born in Moorestown New Jersey on January 3, 1970. She was an only child.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    My Mom had her first day of kindergarten on August 26, 1976. This was her first real school photo.
  • First Day of Middle School

    First Day of Middle School
    My Mom had this picture taken on her first day of school at William W Allen Middle School.
  • Bridesmaid

    My Moms first time as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding.
  • High school prom

    High school prom
    My Mom went to prom with Wyatt on May 17, 1988.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    My mom graduated high school on June 20, 1988.
  • Lived in Vienna

    Lived in Vienna
    In the winter of 1991, my mom moved to Vienna to study. She stayed there for 5 months.
  • Drink Coasters From Year Abroad

    Drink Coasters From Year Abroad
    These are drink coasters that my mom bought in her time abroad. She still uses them today.
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    Jo graduated from Kenyon College on May 15, 1992 with a Bachelors degree.
  • First Job

    First Job
    My Moms first job was at a law firm in Boston.
  • Graduation From Tuck

    Graduation From Tuck
    In 1998, my mother graduated from Tuck Business School. During her two years there, she met my father while also specializing in finance.
  • Wedding day

    Wedding day
    My Mom married my Dad Chris on September 23, 2000. Their wedding was held at West Chop on Marthas Vineyard.
  • Founded Company

    Founded Company
    In 2002 my mother and another friend from Tuck founded ISIS. ISIS was a for profit family development program that helped new mothers. They were based in Boston and quickly became a chain.
  • First Christmas with Jackson

    First Christmas with Jackson
    Jackson was born 2 years before I was and this was my parents first Christmas with him.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on October 18, 2004. At first my name was Eurbo but then days later my parents changed their minds.
  • Trip to New Zealand

    Trip to New Zealand
    In 2012, my mom and I took a trip to New Zealand. We stayed in Auckland for most of the time and it was an amazing city. We both loved the cafes and restaurants we went to. Overall, it was an amazing trip and we both enjoyed the time we spent with each other.
  • Founded Brim Bits

    Founded Brim Bits
    A brim bit was a small clip that would attach to the brim of your hat. Although the small company did not last, my mom learned a lot from the project and overall she viewed it as a success.
  • Adopting Murphy

    Adopting Murphy
    In 2016, My mom adapted Murph from the Medfield Animal shelter. Murph was found in an abandoned basement about 6 months before we adapter her.
  • Co-Founded Women Living Better

    Co-Founded Women Living Better
    In September of 2015, my mom and her best friend Nina Coslov founded Women Living Better which is an informational wellness resource for women.
  • Trip to Europe

    Trip to Europe
    In 2016 my mom took my family on a trip to Europe. We visited many different countries including England, France, Greece, and Italy.
  • Bought Cape House

    Bought Cape House
    In march of 2020, my mom and dad together decided to buy a vacation house. Because it was just as Covid was becoming a problem, we weren't sure if it was going to be the worst or best time to buy a house. It turned out to be a great one and she loves spending time there.
  • Sent Jackson Off To College

    Sent Jackson Off To College
    On August 25, 2021, My mom dropped Jackson off in Rome for his first semester of college.