• Oct 12, 1492

    America founded

  • Period: Oct 12, 1492 to


  • Oct 13, 1497

    Beggining of british exploration

    settlement in ranoke. England became dminant world power.Seven years war
  • Roanoke established

    t was the first English colony in Roanoke. And it had over 100 householders Also it was founded 22 years before jamestown.Since it was so small it disappeared. The first Roanoke colony was lost. And the spanish helped the english search for clues on it.
  • Jamestown

    The colony of jamestown was the first permanent colony to be established in america. It was established in the country of tsenacommacah. Jamestown is one of the three historical places in virginia.
  • XYZ affair

    The XYZ affair was a bunch of events that involved the U.S and france.It was during the time john adams was president.It sarted a quebec war, that could have gotten violent but stayed peacful.And the treaty of morfontaine was put in place.
    Jamestown(may 13,1607)
  • plymouth/massachusetts bay colony

    Founded by massachusetts bay company. New england settled around the modern day boston. Pilgrims came to establish plymouth colony. South of massachusetts bay. (1628)
  • French and indian war

    (1754)Also known as the seven years war. The french and british were fighting over land and the fur trade.A series of battles that led to british declaration of war. The British conquered all of the french land.
  • Revolutionary war

    British were forcing the colonist to pay taxes without representation in parliament.THe first shot was made in lexington mass. after the war, the colonists were granted the representation they wanted. And didn't have to pay the taxes
  • Treaty of paris of 1763

    Signed by Great Britain, Spain, and France. France lost its possessions in North America. Ended seven years war. British protects roman catholicism in the new world.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Stopped the settling of people past the appalachian mountains. Created to establish relationship with the natives through trade. The french stopped the british and tricked the indians against them. Brought up four new colonies. Closed off frontier of spanish expansion.
  • Declaration of independance

    Adams got the committee to let jefferson write the original draft. The text was ratified on july 4. It gave the colonies in america there own independence from great britain. And france joined the americans in the war against britain.
  • Articles of confederation

    It was written by the 13 states that founded america as a confederation.And then it was sent back to states to be ratified in the late 1777’s. The articles provided domestic legitimacy to the continental congress.And the downside to it was that it weakened our government
  • Treaty of paris 1783

    (April 1783)American Representatives were Benjamin Franklin,John Jay,Henry laurens, and john adams. The treaty was signed in paris at a hotel. It had negotiations between great britain and the U.S. And it ended the revolutionary war.
  • Constitution

    The constitution was created to be the supreme law of the land.Originally started with seven articles.Gave us our bill of rights(basic freedoms). It also set up the division of powers.
  • Alien and sedition acts

    Four bills that were passed by the federalist in the 5th united states congress and signed and signed into law by john adams. It made it harder for people to become citizens. These acts made the people mad. And it weakened the peoples view of the federalist.And made john adams less popular.
  • Thomas jefferson elected president

    Third president. 1st Peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. National debt was reduced by one third. Reduced piracy against american ships
  • John adams

    First person elected from political party. First vice president. Caused a lot of tension between U.S and france. Signed alien and sedition act. (1804)