vikings arrived

  • drought force anasazi to abandon pueblos 1270

    drought force anasazi to abandon pueblos 1270
    The Anasazi cliff dwellings were designed so that they could lift entry ladders during enemy attacks, which provided security. The long famine and resources forced the Anasazi to abandon their cliff dwellings.
  • viking arrived 1000

     viking arrived  1000
    The Vikings arrived in Britain about 792AD when the monks at Lindisfarne documented the invasion. They were still around in 1066 AD when William the Conqueror became king. William himself had Viking relations. The Vikings compromised a race of people who lived in the countries that we now call Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • the river town of connecticut

    the river town of connecticut
    thomas hooker leaver mass for connection . also connection
  • settlers and native american lived alongside one another

    settlers and native american lived alongside one another
    Certain Native American tribes had close relations with African Americans, especially those where slavery was prevalent. Members of the Five Civilized Tribes held enslaved blacks, who migrated with them to the West in 1830 and later. In peace treaties with the US after the American Civil War, the tribes, which had sided with the Confederacy, were required to emancipate slaves and give them full citizenship rights in their nations. The Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole have created controversy in rec
  • new hamspire and maine

    new hamspire and maine
    a. john mason owned new hampshire
    b. sir fernaanda gorges own maine
    c. massachestts attempted to claim the terriories
  • the mayflower arrives in american

    the mayflower arrives in american
    before setting sail for american , the pilgrim first returned to enland where they jion another group of separatists aboard the mayflower
  • the puritans found massachusetts

    the puritans found massachusetts
    although many puritans in england shared the frustration that had drivien the pilgrims to leave the coutry , most worked for reform within the angkican church . after king charles took the throne in 1625 , oppostion to the puritans began become willing to leave englans
  • the colonlies choose sides

    the colonlies choose sides
    once the english civil war began . england's colonies had to decide whether to support the king or parliament .
  • colonization resume

    colonization resume
    after nearly 20 years of turmoil , england leader longed for stability . when cromwell died in 1658 , no strong leaders stepped for replace him
  • new neitherlend becomes new york

    new neitherlend becomes new york
    as king charles 11 and his adviser studied the situation in north america two region attracted thier interest . the first region was south of viginia , and the second was between maryland and connenticut
  • pennsylvania and delware

    pennsylvania and delware
    admiral william penn was another close friends friends of king charles . penn had load ship and money to king charles but died before the king could pay him back the money he owed him
  • from ameria to europe

    from ameria to europe
    native americans taught the europeans local farming methods and introduced them to the crop . corn ehich colonist soon adopted as a bisic food traveled back to spain on colubus very first journy and then spread to the rest of europe . othr american food such as spuash pumpkings beans , sweet potatoes chocolate and potatoes also made thier way to europe as did tobacco and chewing gun
  • new france explands

    new france explands
    th slow growth of new france worried the frensh as they watched the spanish and english build prosperous colonies farther south . finally in 1663 france king louis xiv seized control of new france and made it a royal colony
  • the french empire in america

    the french empire in america
    in 1524 three years after cortes conquered the aztec , king francis i of france sent giovanni da verrazano to the map north america's coastline .
  • the colonies choose sides

     the colonies choose sides
    once the engliosh civil war began english colonies had to decide whetherto support the king or parliaament . in virginia the governor and the house of burgesses supported the king until 1652 when a fleet sent by parliament forced them to change sides
  • north carolina

    north carolina
    from the beginning carolina developed as two separte region . north carolina was home to a small scattered population . most of the settlers were farmers who began drifting into the region from virginia int he 1650
  • the English civil war and the colonies

    the English civil war and the colonies
    the fall of new amsterdam and the founding of new york in 1664 marked the beginning of a new wave of english colonization . for more than 20 years no new english colonies has been founded in america because the struggle between the puritans and the english king had finally led to war
  • new south colonies

    new south colonies
    king charles and his advisers were very interested in the land south of virginia . the year before he granted new york to his brother james charles 2 awared a vast territory south of virginis to eight other friends and political allies. the land was named carolina , from the later versionb of charles
  • south carolina

    south carolina
    the proprietors who had been granted carolina were never interested in the northern part of the colony south carlonia , on the otherhand was a believed to be suitable for growing surgarcane . the first settlers arrived in south carlina in 1670 the named thier settlement charles town (today called charleston) after king charles
  • cash crop

    cash crop
    a crop grown primarily for profit
  • plantation

    a large commericial agricultural estate
  • bacons rebellion

    bacons rebellion
    part 1. sir williams berks governor of VA dominited VA's society in the mid 1600's
  • bacon's rebellion

    bacon's rebellion
    part 2 back coutry farmers wanted to ecpland there land , natuve american was in the way , and the gentry didnt care
  • the royal african company

    the royal african company
    next came the royal african company leading to the increasing slaves trade in the colonies
  • slaves was getting traded

    slaves was getting traded
    by 1870 between 10 and 12 million africans were transported on the journy knoiws as the middle passage , but the first africans to arrive were treated as indentured servants .
  • indentured servant

    indentured servant
    an individual who contracts to work for a colonist for a specified number to years in exchange for traportation to the colonies .food , clothes, and shelter
  • becan's

    part 3 in the 1675 waas erupted between the back coutry settlers and the native americans , berkeley wanted nothing to do with it ,
  • bacon rebelled

    bacon rebelled
    part 4 under ther leadership of nataniel becon , the back country farmers attracked native americans becan was popular and this led to the house of burgess restoring the vote to all free men , bacon was not satisfied he rebelled bacon became sick and died , this situation showed all the back farmers needed land
  • slavery was getting recogniozed

    slavery was getting recogniozed
    in 1638 maryland became the first conlony to recognize slavery then Va enacted to slave sode aset of law that regulated slavert and defined the relationship and free poeple slavery was now recognized and accepted institution
  • population

    the middle colonies prospered due to a explosion in europe the eurpeans brought wheat in large supplies population explosion also led to the arriveal of imigrants tot he middle colonies
  • new england econmy

    new england econmy
    because new england soild was unsuitable for large plantation farmers procticed subsistence farming . the main crops grown was corn
  • society in the middle colonies 96

    society in the middle colonies 96
    the middle colonies were full of fertiles ,surplus crop were produced and wheat become a crash crop
  • society in the middle colonies pg 97

    society in the middle colonies pg 97
    here as elsewhere rives allowed farmers to transport thier products at large ships two towns that arose where rivers empties into the ocean were new york and philadelphia
  • trade amd the rise of cities

    trade amd the rise of cities
    england didnt wait the goods new , england producced however , new england wated england goods england wanted
  • moved there goods

    moved there goods
    engladn took there goos to the caribebean
  • searching forcities of gold

    searching forcities of gold
    many conquistadors had also heard tales of the seven golden cities of cibola rumored to extist north of new spain . hoping to find cibola the spanish sent large expendition northwoard in 1540 under the command of franciso
  • the navigation act

    the navigation act
    during the first half of the 1600 england mercantilist policy was very simkple the government tried to encourage exports and restrict imports other than some attempts to regulate the tobacco trade from virginia little attention was paid to the colonies and how they fit in ot england economic system
  • promblem with emforcement

    promblem with emforcement
    in 1675 king charles 2nd appointed a committee called the lords commissioners of trade and plantation of oversee colonail trade advise him about promblems . it was soon discovered that dutch and other foreign ship crowled boston harbor and that the merchants of massachusetts routinely ignored the navigation act and smuggled goods europe the carbbean, and africa
  • a bloodless revolution

    a bloodless revolution
    most of the english poeple and members of parliament were willling to tolerate james because they expercted his protest daughter mary and her dutch husband william of orange , to succeed james to the trone
  • woman in colonies society

    woman in colonies society
    in the american colonies as in europe , law and custom gave men greater authory and importance woman in politics and in the household . in the early colonialera , meried woman has no legal status. a merried woman could not own anything , and and ALL of the property she brought into the merriage became her hasband
  • mercantilism

    a set of ideas about the world economy and how it works, was very popular in the 1600s and 1700s. mercantilists believed that country could become wealthy by acumulating gold and silver
  • king charles 2nd

    king charles 2nd
    at first england did not pay much attention to its american colonies .when king charles 2nd came to the throne , he decide to regulate trade with the colonies in order to bring wealth to england .
  • colonial merchants

    colonial merchants
    colonies merichant were angry and many broke the new laws. parliament set up inspectors in the colonies to report back to england . however england had a problem enforcing the law as result king charles appointed a committee to oversee colonial trade .
  • massachusetts

    the member found out that massachusetts was ignoring the navigation act . ship from other coutries were docked in boston harbor and the colonists were smuggling goods to europe . the caribbean and aftrica . the massachusette government said that massachusetts was not required to obey laws unless they benifited that colony . king charles responed by taking away the colony's charter and making it a royal colony
  • james 2nd

    james 2nd
    james 2 nd who succeeded charles as king went even furher in punishing the colonies . under his authority , england took away the charters of connecticut and rhode island and merges these colonies with massachusetts and plymouuth to create a new royal province called the dominion of new england . later england added new york and new jersey to the province
  • The Glorious revolution of 1688

    The Glorious revolution of 1688
    the english poeple were growing suspicious of king james ii . He rejected the advice of the pariament and offened many of them by openly practicing catholicism . some poeple worried that england would experience another civil war
  • family life in colonial america

    family life in colonial america
    benjamin franklin's meteoric rise from poverty to riches was extraordinary . however his huhe family - franklin was 1 of 17 children - was not usual in america in the 1700s . the population of the american colonies was in a period of explosive growth partly because poeple having large families , and partly because immigrants some willing , some fo-were flooding into colonies from europe and africa
  • population growth

    population growth
    the birthrate in the american colonies was high in the 1700 . most woman married in thier early twenties trypically to men in thier early to mid-twenties . on average , colonial woman gave birth to seven children although giving birth to twice that number of children was not uncommon
  • glorious revolution

    glorious revolution
    the bloodless change of power that occurred in england when william and mary became the monarch
  • natural right

    natural right
    the rights that all people are born with
  • in 1689

     in 1689
    parliament enacted the english bill of rights. it outlined the powers the king did not have and the rights that people did have , such as the right to petition the king and the right to a fair jury in legal cases
  • Dominion of new england

    Dominion of new england
    a royal province created from the merger of connecticut and rhode island with massachusetts and plymouth
  • a bloodless revolution

    a bloodless revolution
    most of the english people and member of parliament were willng to toerate james because xspected his protectant daughter mary
  • growth of population part 2

    growth of population part 2
    between 1640 and 1700, the population of the american colonies increased from 25000 to more than 250000
    in the 1700, the population more than double every 25years . more tham 1 billion colonists lived in america in the 1750 and by the time of the american revolution , the population had reached
  • woman in the colonial society

    woman in the colonial society
    in most colonies a merried woman
    ould not make a contract , be party to a lawsuit or make a will . husbands were the sole guardians of the chidlren and were allowed to physically discipline both thier wives and thier chrildren . single woman and windows on the other hand had considerably more rights
  • health and disease

    health and disease
    improvements in housing and sanitation helped america colonies resist some diseases still they frequently suffered from typhiod fever tuberculosis cholera diptheria fluxes .....
  • immigrantsin the colonies america

    immigrantsin the colonies america
    the american colonies grew rapidly die to immigration and high birthrates. hundreds of thousands of free immigrants arrived between 1700 and 1775 . settling throughout the colonies . at the same time trade brought large amounts of enslaved africans to america mostly to the southern colonies
  • german immigrant arrive in pennsyvania

    german immigrant arrive in pennsyvania
    afmerica's first large group of german immigrants came to pennsylvania looking for relidious freedom . first to arrive were a group of mennoities who founded germantown 1683 . large german immigration to pennsylvia start in the ealy 1700
  • the scotch irish head west

    the scotch irish  head west
    the scotch -irish were descendants of the scots who had helped england claim control of northern ireland . beginning in 1717 rising taxes , poor harvest and religious discrimination convinced many scotch-irish to flee ireland .an estimted 150,000 scotch irish immigranted to the american colonies between 1717 and 1716
  • colonial america's jewish community

    colonial america's jewish community
    a small group of jews , fleeing from the portuguese in brazil and seeking an opportunity to practice thier religion first arrived in the colonies in amstrerdam