Christian Virginia colony

  • Virginia Indians

    Virginia Indians
    Mattaponi used persuasion and violence to get a large chunk of land. They Occupied the riverside towns in Virginia.
  • Jamestown was found

    Jamestown was found
    The Spanish had laid claim to the entire Atlantic coast of the New World from present day, the English tried to get the land again in 1607.The next time the English came back they came back with 100 men.
  • Virginia was found

    Virginia was found
    The person who founded Virginia was John Smith. They went back to the company in Jamestown shortly after. The reason he found it was because he was in trouble and found a good nice place to settle.
  • The slavery in Virginia

    The slavery in Virginia
    Kimbundu-speaking people arrived at Point Comfort, on the James River, late in August 1619. The slaves were sold in exchange for food and some were transported to Jamestown, where they were sold again, probably into slavery and that is part of the triangular trade.
  • planters fight back

    planters fight back
    planters resisted and a royal investigator led an attack in 1622 to revocate his charter.That made the tobacco farms go down so no more tobacco could get sold.
  • African Americans and white servants

     African Americans and white servants
    the ratio of white servants to enslaved Africans was four to one. When they found this out it dramatically changed in the next 20 years there were now four times as many enslaved Africans as white servants.
  • Bacon's Rebellion for slavery

    Bacon's Rebellion for slavery
    It states that some historians state that they change in slavery was like bacon's rebellion. It increased the hostility of the virginians toward the non whites.
  • Fur trader explores

    Fur trader explores
    A fur trader named John Van Nehne explored west virginia on his way to fur trade.It was found on the north part was the way he was going.
  • The war begins

    The war begins
    France declares war against Britain and makes an alliance with the American revolutionary forces. Virginia tries to help in with this war.
  • The statehood of Virginia

    The statehood of Virginia
    Virginia was admitted to the union on the date june 25 1788. Virginia was the tenth state admitted to the union.The union was a special thing to everyone in virginia.
  • The outbreak of war

    The outbreak of war
    Tons of colonies including Virginia helped with the American civil war. Abraham Lincoln ordered this to happen for all the colonies and even Virginia to help out.
  • The confederate army

    The confederate army
    The army marched through lessburgand made it all the way to maryland.The virginias had the idea to do this.
  • The 2 Virginia's

    The 2 Virginia's
    West Virginia turns into something different. It is now called Northwest Virginia. That is when the two virginias pretty much fused together into one virginia
  • The battle of 1863

    The battle of 1863
    The Battle of Bristoe Station was fought on October 14, 1863, at Bristoe Station, Virginia, between Union forces. This was a battle with the leader name of Maj.
  • Us and Virginia

    Us and Virginia
    Virginia and US become part of the same thing again. The Two places became one big state virginia was a extra part of the US.
  • Virginia poet and writer

    Virginia poet and writer
    A Virginia poet named Ellen Glasgow was born in Richmond, VA. She was popular for her stories, essays , poems.
  • General dies

    General dies
    General Robert Lee died in Lexington virginia. A guy named David made a portrait for The generals death.
  • The race riot

    The race riot
    The riot took place in Danville Virginia and that is the blacks were at quiet a bit . The number of blacks killed were only 4 blacks
  • women college is open

    women college is open
    Randolph was the person to open the women's college in virginia. The first session had 36 boarding students and 12 professors.
  • A writer was born

    A writer was born
    Freeman Gosden was born in Richmond Virginia where he later decided he wanted to be popular. So decided he was going to be a writer and a performer in Virginia.
  • The ocean liner

    The ocean liner
    The ocean liner sank off Virginia cape. It had about 328 people on the ship and killed about 111 people. It was unexpected that it happened nobody knew it was going to happen.
  • birth of another carter family trio

    birth of another carter family trio
    Valerie June Carter was born on this date she was born in VA. She married Johnny cash a little later on and he is know for his music.
  • The US buried president

    The US buried president
    The first US president to be buried in National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. There has been more than 400,000 people buried at this place including John F kennidy and william howard taft.
  • The first African for school

    The first African for school
    The desegregation began and that the first african american to go to school went to Law School at University of Virginia.
  • Closed schools

    Closed schools
    The people were refusing integration in Virginia. prince Edward County closed all schools because of this event.
  • The new governor

    The new governor
    The new governor of the state was L.Douglas Wilder. What made him special was that he was the first african american to be governor of the state.
  • The Massachusetts legislature

    The Massachusetts legislature
    The guys name was Royal L bollings He was part the massachusetts house of representatives.he helped out and sponsored the state's Racial Imbalance Act in Virginia.
  • Buried at Arlington

    Buried at Arlington
    There was a important guy named John F Kennedy that died.this was important because he was buried besides his brothers.
  • The 11 pirates

    The 11 pirates
    There were 11 pirates in Virginia Norfolk. It was also by the navy ships by Somalia. The 11 pirates were not widely known by really anyone.
  • Russian citizens

    Russian citizens
    There were 2 members of the suspected spy ring. This was in the state of virginia that the people were living in.They later on admit to being russian Citizens.