Three ships


  • Oct 31, 1451

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Columbus was an Italian explorer who is given credit for discovering the Americas. He died on May 20th, 1506.
  • 1492

    Columbus's Four Voyages

    Columbus's Four Voyages
    (1492-1504). Christopher Columbus's four voyages. Each time they had discovered land.
  • 1519

    Cortes Takes Over the Aztecs

    Cortes Takes Over the Aztecs
    (1519-1521) Cortes was a Cuban seafarer who came into contact with the Aztecs. He was treated like a god and became greedy. He soon took over
  • 1565

    Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson
    Hudson was an English explorer. He "found" the Hudson River.
  • Roanoke Island Colony Fails

    Roanoke Island Colony Fails
    (1585-87) After several failures, the Roanoke Colony mysteriously vanished. To this day, no one knows why they dissappeared.
  • John Winthrop

    John Winthrop
    Winthrop was a lawyer and leader of the 1630 migration of the English Puritans to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He served as governor. Died March 26th, 1649
  • William Bradford

    William Bradford
    Bradford was an English Puritan. He died on May 9, 1657.
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson
    A Puritan woman who battled the beliefs of the Puritans. She was eventually banished for saying come by her beliefs through a direct revelation from God.
  • William the Third and Mary the Second

    William the Third and Mary the Second
    Willaim III and Mary II were the king and queen of England. They ruled during the late 1600's
  • Founding Jamestown, VA

    Founding Jamestown, VA
    In late 1606, the Virginia Company's three ships landed near the Chesapeake Bay. However, they moved closer to the wooded area and named it Jamestown after the king, James.
  • First Africans to arrive in Virginia

    First Africans to arrive in Virginia
    In 1619, Africans slaves were taken to Jamestown Virginia.
  • Virgina House of Burgesses formed.

    In 1619, the London Company allowed settlers to have a house of represenitives. It was founded in Jamestown.
  • Puritian Migration to Massachusetts.

    Puritian Migration to Massachusetts.
    The Puritans in England decided to come to America for a new start. They discovered Plymouth, MA in 1620.
  • Puritian Migration

    Puritans migrated to Massachusetts.
  • Calvert found Maryland

    In 1634, Calvert found Maryland as a way to escape persecution as a Catholic.
  • Pequot Indian War

    Pequot Indian War
    1635-1637, this war virtually annihilated the Pequot Tribe. It started 4 decades of uneasy peace between the Indians and Puritians.
  • Anne Hutchinson's Conviction

    Hutchinson was convicted of heresy and banned from the Puritians.
  • Fundeamental Orders of Connecticut

    It was the settler's type of constitution. It established order in the colony.
  • English Civil War

    1642-1648. Armed conflict between royalists and parliaments. Theparliaments won and King Charles was excuted
  • William Penn

    William Penn
    A man who came from a noble family who was attracted to the Quaker faith. Established an asylum for the quaker’s using land that the King had given him. Died on July 1718
  • Nathaniel Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon
    In 1676, Bacon led a thousand Virginians into a revolt. He was 29 years old.
  • First Navigation Act

    First Navigation Act
    The Navigation Act sought to stitch England's overseas possessions more rightly and throttled American trade with non-British countries.
  • English take the New Netherlands

    In 1664, The English took over the Swedish's land (which is modern day New York).
  • King Phillip's War

    King Phillip's War
    (1675-1676) The Natives and English went to war. It affected the growth in the colony.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's rebellion was an armed rebellion that was led by 29 Nathaniel Bacon. The Virginia settlers went againsted William Berkely.
  • Pennsylvania Settling

    Pennsylvania Settling
    In 1682, William Penn had been given land by the King of England. He set up rules so that they and the Indians can live peacefully.
  • Roger Williams

    Roger Williams
    Roger Williams was a young man with radical ideas. He challenged the Bay Colony and was banished. With help from the Native Americans he fled to Rhode Island.
  • English Glorious Revolution and Bill of Right

    English Glorious Revolution and Bill of Right
    1688-1689 there was a revolution that dealt with no blood.
  • Massachusetts

    In the year 1691, Massachusetts became a royal colony.
  • Queen Anne's War

    Queen Anne fought with the French for the New World. After 11 years she won.
  • England, Wales, and Scotland unite into the UK

    In 1707, England, Wales, and Scotland entered a treaty and joined the UK
  • King George the First

    King George the First
    King George, born in Germany, reigned from 1714-1727. George the First fought against the French and was supported by the Whigs.
  • George II's Reign

    George II's Reign
    George the second reign lasted from 1727-1760
  • Georgia

    Oglethorpe found Georgia. He was given a charter by King George the 2. The state was named after him.
  • First Great Awakening

    The Christians came and evangelized to the people in the 13 colonies. (1734-41).
  • John Peter Zenger Trial

    John Peter Zenger Trial
    Zenger was a German reporter who was tried with libel in America. He became the symbol of Freedom of the press.
  • Stono Rebellion

    Stono Rebellion
    More than fifty black from the Stono River area tried to march for freedom to Spanish Florida but was stopped by the militia. This is caused the execution of twenty one african smericans over a slow fire.
  • King George's War

    England and France, who were supposedly at peace, went to war together again. England won once again after a lurid war.
  • Albany Congress

    Albany Congress
    Seven of the thirteen colonies joined together and decided to rebel against Britain. They had a slogan "join or die".
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    A witch hunt happened in the town of Salem. Over 200 people were accused of witchcraft and 20 were excuted.