13 colonies revolution

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  • Fundation of Virginia

    Fundation of Virginia
    The name of the Virginia colony was given in honor of Queen Elizabeth I, who had never been married and was therefore called the virgin queen.
    The conquest of this territory had been attempted before, on three occasions. Although everything has failed due to inadequate preparation.
    But finally in 1607, with only 104 colons that emigrated and state there, England officially reclaim virgina as one of their colonies.
  • Period: to

    Conquest of the 13 colonies

    The best video ever to watch for learn the name and how the colonies were diveded. I swear is incredible, you must watch it Alejandro.
  • Fundation of Massachusets

    Fundation of Massachusets
    The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded in 1620 by a group of immigrants called pilgrims, who came to America in search of freedom. This group was fleeing from the New Church of England, which persecuted those who did not belong to it.
    These were the originators of the Thanksgiving tradition.
    In the run up to the Revolutionary War, as well as during it, Massachusetts was a key colony.
  • Fundation of New Hampshire

    Fundation of New Hampshire
    The forests of New Hampshire were his most important possession. Since the English Crown was interested, for its use as boat masts. Many of the first settlers arrived in New Hampshire, not in search of religious freedom unlike other nearby colonies, but rather to seek their fortune through trade with England, mainly in fish, skins and wood.
  • Fundation of New York

    Fundation of New York
    The first explorer to go to Manhattan in 1523 was Giovanni da Verrazzano, the area was called New Angoulême. The second explored was the British Hudson in 1609, which was on behalf of the Netherlands. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in New York. In 1626, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan and created a colony that he called New Amsterdam. In 1674, Manhattan passed to the English who called it New York.
  • fundation of Rhode Island

    fundation of Rhode Island
    Those who founded this colony in principle were the settlers expelled from Massachusetts Bay, due to their religious beliefs, and escaped to the territory of Rhode Island. They founded Providence as a place of religious freedom. It became the first colony with an anti-slavery law.
  • Fundation of Maryland

    Fundation of Maryland
    It existed from 1632 to 1776. It was an English colony, united with the thirteen colonies to create the United States. It included what is the current state of Maryland, Washington D.C. and part of Pennsylvania. The province was a proprietary colony of George Calvert, to welcome persecuted Catholics from England
  • Fundation of Conneticut

    Fundation of Conneticut
    It became a colony of the British crown after the Pequot war, it was fought between the settlers of Connecticut and the Pequot people. At the end of the war, the Pequot were decimated.The Connecticut Colony was an early defier of England’s control and mobilized over 40,000 soldiers for the Revolutionary War.
  • Fundation of Daleware

    Fundation of Daleware
    The first European to go to Delaware was Henry Hudson. A year later when Samuel Argall arrived there he baptized the place with the name of his friend. The first permanent settlement Fort Christina was founded in 1638 by the Swedes. Some time later the king of Sweden colonized it and it was called New Sweden. The governor of New Netherland saw it as a rival so he occupied it and renamed it New Amstel. After them were the English in 1664.
  • Fundation of Carolina del norte

    Fundation of Carolina del norte
    The Province of North Carolina was one of the English colonies in North America, it became the US state of North Carolina in 1776 and also a part of the province made up of other territory to form the current states of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.
    The Province of North Carolina was originally formed from the Province of Carolina in British America between the years 1663 to 1712.
  • Fundation of Carolina del sur

    Fundation of Carolina del sur
    The Province of South Carolina was a part of the Province of Carolina in British America, which was given by Royal Charter to eight Lords Proprietors in 1663. The province later became a US state. from South Carolina.
  • Fundation of New Jersey

    Fundation of New Jersey
    New Jersey was originally founded by Europeans who arrived in those lands around the year 1660, the name of this colony comes from the English Channel called Jersey.
    A few years later in 1664 it was taken over by the British.
  • Fundation of Pennsylvania

    Fundation of Pennsylvania
    It begins when William Penn received a royal deed from King Charles II of England. In that area there were several tribes, those were expelled or died from diseases. The English took control of the colony in 1667. And in 1681, William Penn established the colony based on religious tolerance. In the mid-18th century many German and Scotch-Irish immigrants arrived. Pennsylvania was a very important city as it was the nation's capital for part of the 18th century.
  • Fundation of Georgia

    Fundation of Georgia
    It was the last colony to gain independence from the United Kingdom. Before their territory reached the Mississippi River. In 1732 General James Oglethorpe was put in charge. They also had to defend the southern zone of the Spanish Florida colonies.
  • Period: to

    7 year's war

    The name of this war indicated a conflict that dure 7 years. This war was divided in 3 parts:
    The Austrian trying to reclaim Silesia which in that time belong to Prusia.
    The second part was a conflict between Spain, French and England. They fought for the possession of the Mondial thready, and for some territorry. That is for having raw important material.
    The third part were many little battles between some countries.
    Finally won Prusia, England won and they sign the peace ready in paris.
  • "The sugar act"

    "The sugar act"
    These were some taxes that the British crown imposed on the colonies, since it was in an economic crisis because of the military expenses of the seven years war.
    They included types of products such as wine, cotton, sugar, wine and tobacco, among others.
  • "The stamp act"

    "The stamp act"
    The people start to get mad, and they claimed to England to take of the taxes, but they refuse and not only that, they continue implement more taxes, in 1765 with the “stamp act”, that means, that all printed document has taxes, and again the people get madder, but this time start to manifestant. And from London soldiers started to try keep calm the population.
  • Boston massacre

    Boston massacre
    After england put that taxes the people get mad and the things turn warm, the manifestant starts trough thing to the british soldiers, that were ther for "keep calm" th emanifestant. And they start through thing to the soldiers like rocks or snowballs, and they in answer shot, killing 5 people. That was named “The Boston massacre". This quickly got into the hands of all colonies, by the black press.
  • "The tea act"

    "The tea act"
  • Concord and Lexington

    Concord and Lexington
    Here in this battle was where the the protestant start to planned the independence. The Boston soldiers were be alerted that the colons have a storage of weapons on Concord, so they start to go over there but in the way they must stop at Lexington because a group of protestants do not let them pass, and they start fight, in the confusion someone shot. Officially the independent war start for much historical.
    But officially start the 4 of july with the independece declaration.
  • The Boston tea party

    The Boston tea party
    The protestant continued over years, anyways after the boston massacre, England take off some taxes except the tea ones. Do to that a small group of two brothers named “sons of liberty” for protest they decided with a group of people plander two boats with a lot of shipment of tea, historically they called “the tea party”
  • First continental congress

    First continental congress
    In September 1774, representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies (except Georgia) met in Philadelphia. They debated an action plan for weeks and decided to petition parliament to repeal the law that had caused them so much harm. The resolution also established a joint defense plan. If one of the colonies is attacked, all the other colonies will defend it.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    In the second continental congres 56 presenting of the colonies meet in Philadelphia to decided what they going to do. Some important charters like:
    Sam Adams, George Washington, Patrick Henry and John Dickinson. Finally opt to ask again to the metropolis to have a representant there, but they still saying no, so they information to the colonies to get prepared for the war. Finally, the 2nd of July they vote for the independence, and officially the 4th of July was declared the independence.
  • Saratoga battle

    Saratoga battle
    The Battle of Saratoga, beginning exactly on September 19, 1777.Saratoga was in the colony of New York.The main objective, and strategy of the British was to isolate the colonies of New England, taking control of them.
    Although they could not achieve it, since on October 7 he surrendered.This battle resulted in more than 600 dead and about 6,000 English prisoners. Also, thanks to this victory was when countries such as Spain and France decided to support the colonies
  • Rhode Island Battle

    Rhode Island Battle
    The Battle of Rhode Island, French military support was in fact the first battle where these countries allied during the revolution.Begun on August 29, 1778 It was mainly spent in the city of Portsmouth, in the colony of Rhofde Island. This battle is considered important because the only battle in which African Americans participated as a distinct segregated group, as an all-black unit. There is no end date for this battle as there was no winner as such. But the result was inconclusive.
  • Kings Mountain battle

    Kings Mountain battle
    South Carolina. The name of this battle took from the name of the mountain where it happened.
    At the end of the battle, it was estimated that about 200 people ended up dead, and around 600 Britons captured. And with the victory of the patriot, even though were less than the loyal.This battle is considered very important for historians especially since many claim that it was this which marked a point of inflection And at the end of this battle "The day the winds of success began to blow
  • Cowpens battle

    Cowpens battle
    South Carolina. On January 17, 1781.The plan of attack of the Americans was to create a post near the Broad River and wait for them to attack them to defend themselves.And so it was, although the British had arrived tired from the long road, the hasty commander wanted to attack. Protestants who were instead prepared and ready to defend themselves had the victory of this battle.Finally at the end of the battle,the few defeated Britons who remained joined the rest who were in Kings Mountain.
  • Yorktown battle

    Yorktown battle
    In Virginia.It was one of the biggest battles at all, within the revolution. It began on September 26, 1781.
    The Americans had the military support of the Kingdom of France and the 2nd Canadian Regiment. British were supported by present-day Germany, which at that time was Hasse-Kassel. And by principality of Ansbach.
    The battle ended a month later, on October 19.
    It is considered important as it ended the independence of the United States, although the Treaty of Paris was signed two years later
  • Paris treaty

    Paris treaty
    This treaty was signed on September 3, 1783, by the two parties in the conflict for the independence of the colonies. In the treaty England accepts the independence of the 13 colonies.
  • The Constitution Bill of Rights

    The Constitution Bill of Rights
    US Constitutional Law Protecting the basic liberties of US citizens. The Constitution of the United States was adopted in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787. It is the basic law of the American federal system and a historical document of the Western world.
  • First liberal constitution of all history

    First liberal constitution of all history
    On September 17, the first constitution of the United States of America was approved. This was called by the people "we the people", in this it was established how it would be governed by means of a Congress with two chambers, a House of Representatives and a Senate. A president elected by the legislature. A judiciary. The federal Congress could veto state laws.
  • First Usa president

    First Usa president
    The first president of the United States was elected by vote, in 1789. Although this vote was made following the newly made Constitution of the United States, native women and black citizens were not allowed to participate in this vote. .