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U.S History

By MykelaG
  • Jan 1, 1001

    Vikings arrive in America

    Vikings arrive in America
    In A.D 1001, Leif Ericsson and 35 othe vinkings explored the coast of Labbrador and stayed the winter in Newfoundland
  • Aug 1, 1492

    Columbus first landing

    Columbus first landing
    Columbus and his three ships left Spain in august 1492. They landed in the bahamas, probably on what is today Watling Island.
    He called the Taino people he met Indians because he thought he had reached the indies
  • Nov 1, 1493

    Columbus seconed Voyage

    Columbus seconed Voyage
    Columbus soon left for his seconed voyage with 17 ships and 1,200 colonists. In November 1493 he landed in Hipaniola. Many of the colonists felt Columbus had misled them with promises of gold, so they returned to spain
  • May 30, 1498

    Columbus third voyage

    Columbus third voyage
    On May 30, 1498, Columbus left with six ships from Sanlucar, Spain, for his third trip to the New World. Three of the ships headed directy for Hispaniola with much-needed supplieswhile columbus took the other three in an exploration of what might lie to the south of the caribbean ilands he had aready vised, includin a hope-for passage to Asia
  • Oct 11, 1501

    Vespucci found out America not part of asia

    Vespucci found out America not part of asia
  • Jan 23, 1519

    conquest of mexico

    conquest of mexico
    in 1519 the spanish government asked hernan cortes to lead an expedition to the yucatan peninsula to find new people who could bne forced to work on the farms and mines of cuba.
  • Oct 23, 1520

    Axtec Priest

    Axtec Priest
    in 1520 the Aztec priest organized a rebellion against the spanish and drove them out of the capital.
  • Oct 23, 1521


    in 1521 cortes launched another another attack and this time defeated
  • fashion

    by 1600 fur, particularly beaver fur had become very fashionable in Europe
  • Frence King

    Frence King
    in 1602 the french king authorized a group of merchants to establish colonies in north America
  • slavery in the colonies

    slavery in the colonies
    english law did not recognize chattel slavery where one human being is said to be owned by another
  • the mayflower arrives in america

    the mayflower arrives in america
    passengers set off on the journey across the atlanic
  • The pilgrim land at plymouth

    The pilgrim land at plymouth
    landed at cape cod
    sailed on the mayflower
    they were separatists
  • Roger Williams

    Roger Williams
    young minister named Roger Williams arrived in Boston
  • Maryland

    Maryland became the first British colony to formally recogize slavery when it denied Africans the same rights English citizens
  • A city on a hill

    A city on a hill
    an estimated 20,000 settlers had arrived in New England
  • Rhode Island and Regious Dissent

    Rhode Island and Regious Dissent
    two towns joined together with providence and portsmouth to become the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
  • navigation acts

    navigation acts
    charles II assumed the throne in 1660 however he and his advisers were determined to generate wealth for England by regulating trade and exanding the colonings in america
  • New Frence

    New Frence
    new francebecome a royal colone
  • King Philip War

    King Philip War
    government began demanding that the native americans follow english laws
  • Slavery Increases in Virginia

    Slavery Increases in Virginia
    King Charles II granted a charter to the Rayol Africa Company to engage in the slave trade
  • Philips war

    Philips war
    the plymouth colony tried and executed three wampanoag for a murder
  • navigation acts

    navigation acts
    parliament passed another navigation act called the STAPLE ACT. this act required navigation the colonies imported to come through England
  • Problems with enforcement

    Problems with enforcement
    King Charles II appointed a committee called the lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantation to overseas colonial trade and advis him about problems
  • Crisis over Land

    Crisis over Land
    war erupted between backcountry farmers met to dicuss the situation
  • Nathaniel Bacon Leads a Revolt

    Nathaniel Bacon Leads a Revolt
    he returned to jamestown with serveral hundered armed men and seized power charging Berkeley with corruption
  • New Hamphire and Maine

    New Hamphire and Maine
    New Hampshire became a royal colony
  • slavery increases in Virgina

    slavery increases in Virgina
    Virginia goverrnment generally supported expanding the colony westward, regardless of the impact on Native Americans
  • Problems with Enforcement

    Problems with Enforcement
    King Charles responded to this defiance by depriving Massachusette of its charter and declaring it to be a royal colony
  • The Domininon of New England

    The Domininon of New England
    the following year Connecticut and New Jersey were forced to join the Dominion and by the spring of 1688 New York had been added as well
  • Rice and Indigo in S.C

    Rice and Indigo in S.C
    A new type of rice was introduced and the planters -- many of whom had to come from Bardados and Jamaica where slavery was common--decided to import enslaved Africans to centuries.
  • The Planter Elite

    The Planter Elite
    as wealthier planter in Virginia and Maryland swithched from indentured to slave labor the size of their plantations began to grow
  • Virgina

    Virgina pulled all of these different laws together into a slave code a set of laws that formally regulated slavery and defined the relationship between enslaved Africans and free people
  • Family Life in Colonial America

    Family Life in Colonial America
    In 1721 a smallpox epidemic swept through Bosten. Reverend Cotton Mather, a Puritan leader used information from his reading and the knowledge of enslaved africans to develop an inoculation for smallpox
  • The great awakening

    The great awakening
    The Great Awakening began in earnest when the Anglican minister George WhiteField arrived in Philadelphia in 1739. The ideas of John Wesley the founder of methodism influenced whitefield and both had an impact on America.
  • Africans in Colonial America

    Africans in Colonial America
    In 1739, 75 Africans gathered near the stono river attacked their white overseers and fled toward Florida. They attacked white as they traveled. The local militia ended the stono rebellion killing 30 and 40 africans
  • Rice and Indigo in South C

    Rice and Indigo in South C
    South Carolina began to develop another cash crop called Indigo. Indigo was used to make blue dye for cloth---- a dye much in demand in Europe
  • Slavery in the Colonies

    Slavery in the Colonies
    Olaudah Equiano aslo know as gustavus Vassa, was kidnapped from his West Africa home by other African in the 1760
  • Immigrants in Colonial America

    Immigrants in Colonial America
    Germans known as the Pennsylvania Dutch made up about one third of the population. They became some of Pennsylvania's most prosperous farmers
  • Slavery in the colonies

    Slavery in the colonies
    approximately 500,000 Africans were transported to north america before the slave trade ended in the 1800s