• phillip nolan

    he came to Texas in 1790 , and he presented a plan to the Baron de Carondelet , and became governor of Louisiana
  • Philip Nolan killed

    Philip Nolan is killed but drastically helped spread news about people building futures in texas
  • Augustus Magee

    he graduated third class from the u.s. military academy on january 23, 1809. peter samuel , jose bernado de lara , and himself were soon laying plans for an invasion of Texas.
  • Father Miguel Hildago

    The father of Mexican independence and led the first revolt against
    Spanish rule in Mexico.
  • Jose Guttierez De Lara

    him and another man were in Natchitoches , where the guttierez -magee expedition asssembled and set out of Texas
  • Battle of Medina

    It was a battle fought in August 18 , 1813. It was the bloodiest battle ever fought in Texas. It took place twenty miles South of San Antonio
  • Dr James Long shot and killed

    Dr James long killed after being a very important surgeon for the people
  • National Colonization law passed

    The national law surrendered to the states authority
  • Jean Lafitte

    He was chosen the Civil and millitary leader of Texas and Galveston was declared part of the Mexican Republic on Sept 12 , 1876