Jasmine Cook Supernationalism

  • Triple Entente (pre-WW|)

    Triple Entente (pre-WW|)
    The Triple Entente were the countries of Frnace, Russia, and Great Britain. This group was political/Military, their purpose was trying to prevent Germany from taking over and they agreed they wouldn't attack each other.
  • Nato

    Nato included the U.S and Canada. Nato was political/military and it was established to fight against the warsaw pact
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    Warsaw Pact inclused the Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia,Poland,Hungary,Romania, Bulgaria, &Albania. It was formed for political/miliary purposes to fight against Nato.
  • OPEC

    Opec included the countries Iraq,Saudia Arabia, and Iran. it was an economic type that controlled oil prices .
  • PLO

    PLO were the countries Isreal, Egypt, and Palestines. it was a cultural type and its purpose was to protect rights, and put palestinians together.