Jansen"s life

Timeline created by yenjansen
  • The day of my birth

    I was born this day.
  • Go to kindergarden

    Go to kindergarden
    Women's Welfare Club Western District Ap Lei Chau Day Nursery
  • First time watching tv

    First time watching tv
    I think I started watch tv in 2003. It is a drama about areoplane.
  • Start to use computer

    Start to use computer
    Computer helps me a lot.
  • My cousin born

    He called Chris YEN.
  • First day to VSA

    First day to VSA
    This is VSA old logo. It also called Victoria English Primary School.
    I think Victoria English Primary School is better than VSA.
  • Finish the exhibition

    Finish the exhibition
    Exhibition was a great learing exprerience.
  • First day of secondary

    This is very bad.
  • First Secondary Summertive Assessment

    It was very hard for me. I know I will do more summertive assessment in future.
  • Planning to other school

    VSA secondary not fit me. I planning to study at other school now.